child support lawyer

child support lawyer

Child Support Tampa FL

When parents go through a divorce and have to agree on child support Tampa FL attorneys understand that courtroom proceedings can be stressful. The McKinney Law Group is dedicated to helping parents reach custody agreements and child support agreements. We understand the complexities involved in child support requests, and we have experience counselling parents throughout the process.

At The McKinney Law Group, we believe it’s paramount to help families understand what Tampa child support litigation may entail. There are many aspects of child support litigation. Listed here are a few common considerations:

1. Duty to Support a Minor – The court may uphold a child support agreement between both parents until that child is no longer of minor age.

2. Child Support Calculation – Depending on the state, the amount of financial support due from a partner may be calculated based on a fixed formula.

3. Obligation of Child Support – A lawyer may take action on behalf of their client if the other parent fails to submit the full amount of child support.

4. Modification of Child Support – The amount paid by the non-custody parent may be modified based on employment, uninsured loss, hardship, a change in the child’s needs, or other major changes.

5. Paternity/Maternity Contribution – The amount of child support is based on an amount that the non-custodial parent can reasonably pay, with the main concern being that the child has all basic necessities.

6. Proceeding of Divorce – The court typically wants to ensure that a child’s standard living is preserved, and that they are not harmed emotionally or mentally.

7. Pending Claims – A court can establish a temporary order regarding payment of support while the dispute is still being delegated.

At our law firm, we take pride in being a trusted source of information and defense for matters regarding child support Tampa FL parents face. There are many things that the court will consider when deciding on the verdict of your case. For parents who are going through particularly painful divorces and are struggling to agree on child support Tampa FL lawyers would suggest calling a local law firm immediately.

The McKinney Law Firm: A Trusted Resource for Child Support in Tampa FL

When struggling with child support Tampa FL residents know they can turn to The McKinney Law Firm for reliable and compassionate counsel. The challenges associated with the separating of a family dynamic can be painful enough, but a lawyer may be your strongest ally during this challenging time. When you hire a child support attorney from our law firm, you are working with a skilled, experienced, and compassionate delegator. We believe even though family members are going in different directions, it may still be possible for the family unit to function civilly and respectfully.

You do not have to stand alone when it comes to fighting for your rights in a child support case. Call us today at 813-906-0048 for more information or to set up a consultation with a lawyer from our firm. If you need to speak to a legal professional for matters related to child support Tampa FL families know they can count on The McKinney Law Group.