child support lawyer

child support lawyer

Steps for Collecting Child Support

Child Support Tampa FL

There may come a time when a single parent needs financial support from the other biological parent, and this may come in the form of child support Tampa FL lawyers can negotiate. For parents who need information about legal matters like this, it’s often recommended to seek the representation of a child support attorney. At The McKinney Law Group, we have been dedicated to protecting the rights of parents and families for over 10 years. We have proudly established a reputation in this community for our ability to offer quality and compassionate services.

A child support attorney from The McKinney Law Group understands that asking for child support can be complex and emotional. We may answer questions or attend to concerns you have during the process. Below, we go over common tips on how to obtain child support Tampa FL parents agree on.

3 Main Steps of Seeking Tampa FL Child Support

1. Establish Parenthood (Biological Father)
If you are the mother seeking compensation from the father, the initial step is to legally identify the father. Depending on your circumstances, the father might already acknowledge his paternity status. If the man believes he might not be the biological father, a child support agency can schedule an appointment for genetic testing. These tests are easy and very accurate. A blood test can also be performed if the initial results of the genetic testing are questionable.

2. Complete a Child Support Order
Every state has different child support laws. These laws are established to properly calculate how much money a parent should receive or contribute for child support. A local office regulating child support Tampa FL lawyers recommend may give you more information about how how child support amounts are determined in your state.

3. Enforce Request
The most effective strategy to collecting child support is through withholding an amount from the obligated parent’s paychecks. Many child support orders need an employer to withhold money and send it to the child support Tampa FL office, which handles the distribution.

Additional Information
Your local child support office, or a child support lawyer from The McKinney Law Group, may help you apply for this financial assistance. Depending on the state, there are certain types of information you must provide in order to apply:

-Details about non-custodial parent
-Children birth certificates
-Records of past child support
-Your personal income and assets
-List of expenses (child needs, day care, activities, health care costs)
-Any written statements in which the alleged father implied or accepted biological fatherhood
-Copy of divorce decree or separation agreement

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