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family attorney Tampa Florida

If you are thinking about filing for divorce and concerned about how to time this process to your advantage, schedule a risk-free consultation with our Tampa, FL family attorney team to learn more. When it comes to divorce, timing is a strategic issue that may help or hurt your interests, depending upon your unique needs, priorities, and circumstances overall. The experienced team at The McKinney Law Group can evaluate your situation and make objective recommendations that will serve your best interests. Scheduling a consultation is a risk-free endeavor, so you are always free to “take or leave” our recommendations. This process simply helps to ensure that you are empowered to make informed decisions about your options.

Family Attorney – Tampa, FL

When preparing for your consultation, you’ll want to think about your goals for the divorce process and any challenges that you may be facing that could be affected by the timing of your split. For example, if you have minor children, you may want to avoid filing your divorce during the school year, if possible. This kind of flexible timing doesn’t work for every family. However, if you have the benefit of being able to time your divorce process at your discretion, you’ll want to carefully consider how your parenting, housing, employment, and social “lives” will be impacted by the timing of your divorce.

No matter if/when you choose to file, you’ll want to start thinking carefully about how your actions – right now – could impact a divorce down the road. Think about what the housing market is doing and tread carefully on social media so that you don’t engage in any activity that could be held against you later.

Timing Your Divorce Process

If you’re unsure of how your property division and/or child custody goals could be impacted by the timing of your divorce process, don’t stress too much. Our Tampa, FL family attorney team has extensive experience dealing with all kinds of divorce scenarios and will be able to advise you in accordance with that experience. In preparation for your consultation, simply write down your goals, questions, concerns, and compile a list of your major assets/property and debts so that we can provide you with guidance that is highly personalized, objective, and useful as you make decisions about your situation moving forward.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have not yet contacted The McKinney Law Group offices to schedule a risk-free consultation, please do so today. Whether you’re sure that you’ll be filing for divorce soon or you’re unsure of whether you’ll ultimately be filing for divorce at all, investing an hour or two of your time to learn about your rights and options will help to ensure that you make informed decisions moving forward. Our Tampa, FL family attorney team looks forward to speaking with you.