Tampa FL divorce lawyerThe McKinney Law Group is a Tampa FL divorce lawyer many couples turn to when undergoing a legal separation or divorce. Although there are things you can do on your own as part of the legal process, without a divorce lawyer there are things you may not be able to do without a legal background. Florida’s family law court court system is intricate and difficult to navigate. Regardless of whether or not your case is straightforward or complex, a divorce lawyer in Tampa FL can help you to get the outcome you would like. If you’re not sure about hiring a Tampa FL divorce lawyer, consider the following.

A Lawyer Can Anticipate Your Legal Issues

A Tampa FL divorce lawyer from our firm is well versed in the laws, legislation, and local regulations that might affect your case. An attorney from The McKinney Law Group can consider any potential future complications and prepare in advance to minimize surprises. Each case is inherently different; during your initial appointments with us we may discuss various things you should anticipate so that you know what to expect during the divorce proceedings.

A Lawyer Can Negotiate with Your Spouse’s Lawyer

If your spouse has hired a lawyer, it is advisable for you to do the same to ensure you are on even footing. By retaining your own Tampa FL divorce lawyer, you may not have to worry about direct interaction with the opposing counsel. We can also help you to prepare for depositions and conversations with the opposing lawyer, the judge, or others connected to your case. In addition, your Tampa FL divorce lawyer from our firm can negotiate with your spouse’s legal team.

A Lawyer Can Locate Assets

When it comes to a divorce, separating the assets can be one of the most difficult tasks. Often times there are assets that have been concealed from the other spouse. A respected Tampa FL divorce lawyer from our firm can have extensive resources to locate hidden or disguised assets in order to protect your rights.

A Lawyer Can Negotiate Timesharing with the Children

Retaining fair access to your children may be an important part of your divorce case. We can do our utmost to ensure your relationship with them is preserved.

A Lawyer Can Negotiate Alimony and Support

Whether you are seeking alimony or child support or may be the one who makes the payments, it is a good idea to have a Tampa FL divorce lawyer on your side. We work hard to ascertain all of the facts and negotiate an agreement that is in accordance with your income, personal factors, and applicable laws.

Contact an Experienced Law Firm

By choosing to hire an experienced and aggressive lawyer, you can feel confident in knowing your divorce case can be in good hands. The sooner you contact a divorce lawyer from our firm, the better. To have your questions and concerns addressed, we encourage you to call a Tampa FL divorce lawyer from the The McKinney Law Group at 813-906-0048.