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The divorce process can bring up any number of emotions that can be difficult to deal with. Individuals who are divorcing often struggle with anger, jealousy, sadness, and fear. In some cases, spouses also struggle with feeling deeply suspicious of their spouses. Especially if their spouses have either behaved in secretive ways in the past or have recently proven themselves to be untrustworthy, it is certainly understandable that these individuals grapple with suspicious feelings throughout the divorce process.

If you are struggling with feelings of suspicion towards your spouse, it may benefit you to speak with an experienced Tampa, FL family lawyer about your concerns. An untrustworthy spouse may be hiding marital assets out of spite, misplaced ideas about self-protection or shame. When marital assets, like bank accounts, real estate and physical property remain hidden during the divorce process, they are not factored into determinations related to the divorce settlement. In these instances, the spouse unaware of the hidden assets is left with less property and/or spousal support than he or she is entitled to.

If you are concerned that your spouse could potentially be hiding marital assets from you, please consider contacting the experienced Florida family law firm The McKinney Law Group. We have extensive experience with the divorce process and will be able to either answer your questions or refer you to someone who can. Once we have a solid legal strategy in place, we will be able to determine what steps you may want to take in order to search for potentially hidden assets.

Suspicious Activity

During the course of the divorce process, each spouse is supposed to submit a full disclosure of all personal and marital assets. These disclosures form the basis upon which property division negotiations may begin. Even if an asset is unlikely to be treated as marital property by the court, like a piece of land that was inherited by one spouse or the other prior to marriage, it is important to disclose all assets. Real estate, cars, valuable and sentimental personal property and bank accounts are all examples of assets that should be disclosed.

If your spouse has left any assets off his or her disclosure and you can spot these omissions immediately, please tell our Florida family law firm about the items that are missing. An obviously incomplete disclosure may be a sign that your spouse is hiding assets you may be unaware of as well as those that you are aware of.

Similarly, make sure to examine your spouse’s submitted bank statements. Trails to hidden assets often begin in the form of transfers from one bank account to an undisclosed account. If and when any suspicious activity occurs, you may opt to ask our Florida family law firm about conducting formal interrogatories or insisting that your spouse submit to a deposition in which he or she will be compelled to tell the truth under oath or face potential penalties linked to perjury.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you are concerned that your spouse may be hiding assets from you, it is important to seek legal assistance. Hidden assets may dramatically impact your ability to obtain an equitable divorce settlement. And as you are generally entitled to half of all marital property, failure to find any hidden assets may leave you with far less property and/or spousal support than you deserve.

Please consider reaching out to our Florida family law firm. We would be happy to answer any questions you may have and to advise you of your legal options. Searching for hidden assets may not result in discovering any. But, if your spouse is hiding assets, the consequences of his or her actions could be significant.