Divorce Paperwork In FL Just Got Easier

One of the most challenging aspects of the average divorce process involves gathering and reporting information about one’s assets and finances. Even the most responsible and conscientious adults likely don’t have information about the current valuation of each one of their assets at their fingertips. As a result, navigating the legal reporting requirements traditionally required […]

Should You Keep A Marital Home Post-Divorce?

The decision of whether to keep a marital home post-divorce is one of the most significant and emotionally charged choices many face during the separation process. As an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer can confirm, you’ll want to carefully consider your options before committing to an approach if you and your spouse are going your separate […]

The Impact Of Prenup Agreements On Divorce

Prenuptial agreements, often referred to as prenups, are legal documents that couples create before getting married to outline how their assets, debts, and other financial matters will be managed in the event of a divorce. These agreements can significantly impact divorce proceedings and provide clarity and protection for both parties involved.  What Does A Prenuptial […]

Collaborative Divorces And Children

How A Collaborative Divorce Can Benefit The Children Divorce is undoubtedly a challenging experience for all involved, and children are particularly vulnerable to the emotional and psychological effects of their parents’ separation. However, choosing a collaborative divorce can significantly mitigate the negative impact on children and, in many cases, promote their well-being.  Can These Divorces […]

Common Divorce FAQs

If you have decided to end your marriage, there are steps you should take in order to protect your parenting rights (if you have children) and your rights to martial steps. The divorce process can be stressful and overwhelming, but a divorce lawyer can help you through the process. The following are some common questions […]

A Fresh Perspective on Divorce: Why It’s a Beginning Rather than an End

Defined as the act of legally dissolving a marriage, divorce is often thought of as an ending. However, if you have been seeking counsel from a Tampa divorce lawyer and you are ready to pursue divorce, it’s important to focus on a different perspective. For many, divorce is the beginning of a new chapter. It […]

Preparing for Divorce in the New Year

Rather than making a New Year’s Resolution to shed 5 or 10 pounds, you should resolve to shed the weight of your failing marriage. As the new year begins, now is the perfect time to begin a fresh start. However, before you contact a Tampa divorce lawyer to begin the process, you should start preparing for […]

Do You Need a Prenup? 5 Signs to Look For

Prenuptial agreements are not considered to be the most romantic aspect of wedding planning, but they can be one of the most important steps you take to protect yourself and your assets in the event of divorce. But, how do you know if you need a prenup? Our Tampa divorce attorney recommends that you consider […]

The Latest Pandemic Trend: Divorce

As one stay-at-home order after another was issued in March, a lot of people began to joke about the inevitable baby boom that was sure to come in December 2020. It was assumed that all of that one-on-one time together would lead to only one thing. However, being stuck at home together clearly wasn’t as […]

Air Force Grants 1st Assignment Under New Co-Parenting Accommodation Policy

Divorced parents in the military have long struggled to find a balance between serving their country and being close to their children. Recently, divorced parents serving in the Air Force received great news. Members of the U.S. Air Force can apply to defer their assignments or request a specific location based on their custody agreements. […]

Staying Connected to Your Kids Via Zoom

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people around the globe to learn how to stay connected while staying apart. Social distancing is challenging in and of itself, but it can be particularly hard for divorced parents. Extenuating circumstances during the pandemic can require divorced parents to stay physically separated from their children for significant lengths of […]

How to Navigate Virtual Learning and Split Custody

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the late winter months of 2020, divorced couples have had to navigate through unprecedented challenges. As the summer turned to fall, and the virus continued to sweep through communities around the country, many divorced couples realized that they would be co-parenting during a virtual school year. If you […]

How a Moving Company Can Help after a Divorce

For most people, the time immediately following a divorce is chaotic with changes. They may also be experiencing relief and joy as well as fear and uncertainty about their future. They may also have strong emotions about how they feel regarding their now ex-spouse. Indeed, divorce is a catalyst for change and it can trigger […]

What to Tell Your Followers? Social Media Tips for Announcing Your Divorce

Divorce has long been a private manner that can have public ramifications, but in the age of social media, the reach of divorce has been amplified significantly. For more than a decade, most of us have used social media to brag about our accomplishments, showcase our lives, detail the everyday moments and vent when we […]

How Can a Divorce Case and Personal Injury Case Affect Each Other?

Tampa, FL Divorce Lawyer Going through a divorce is difficult enough as it is. If you’re filing for divorce and a personal injury lawsuit at the same, it can make your situation even more complicated. You want to make sure that you receive enough from the personal injury settlement to live comfortably after your divorce. […]

Getting an Annulment Instead of a Divorce

Divorce Lawyer in Tampa, FL If you have been married for only a short time and wish to get an annulment, our family law attorney can assist you with this. An annulment is a preferred alternative for many who wish to avoid going through a divorce for religious or other reasons such as wishing to […]

Managing Your Finances When Divorce is on the Horizon

Divorce Lawyer Tampa, FL Divorce can be tricky, whether the spouses decided divorce was the right decision peacefully or not. Even if things ended respectfully, this doesn’t automatically mean the divorce process will flow in the same manner. Divorce entails negotiating over very sensitive topics like finances, which can stir up resentments and hard feelings. […]

Divorce FAQs

Divorce Attorney Tampa, FL Current trends in modern society show that divorce is much more common than it was ten or twenty years ago. In fact, recent statistics indicate that one in four marriages end in divorce. It is also worth mentioning that folks who are in their second or third marriage are more likely […]

The Savvy Split Up: New Professionals to Hire After Your Divorce

Divorcing your spouse sometimes means that you have to break up with other people in your life as well. For example, it’s hard to know who is keeping your best interests in mind when you and your ex are still working with the same financial advisor. Once a divorce is finalized, it’s best to consider […]

Can I Lose Custody in Florida Due to Mental Illness?

In any given year, approximately one in five Americans experience mental illness. Importantly, while destigmatizing mental illness has led to less judgment and a greater understanding of mental health issues, there is plenty of room for improvement. If you have been diagnosed with a mental illness or have visited a therapist, the other parent may […]

Why Wait? Don’t Postpone Your Divorce Until After the Holidays

The holidays are often painted to be a much prettier picture than what they really are. What is often described as a magical season filled with priceless family memories is in reality a very stressful time, particularly for two people who are no longer interested in being married. Rather than sticking it out through just […]

How to Have a Happy Halloween After Your Divorce

Halloween is one of the less stressful holidays to deal with after divorce, because it doesn’t usually involve commitments with extended families or long formal dinners. It’s a fun, carefree and enjoyable holiday — for the young and the young at heart. While it may not be as chaotic as the holiday season in December, […]

Time to End It? Why Summer is a Good Time to Get Divorced

Many would likely say that there’s no good time to get divorced, but people who are facing the need to dissolve a marriage may find that the summer months are preferable to other seasons throughout the year. After considering these reasons for a summertime divorce, you’ll likely be compelled to contact your Tampa divorce lawyer […]

Can I  Legally Investigate My Spouse’s Infidelity?

Suspecting a spouse of cheating can be an emotionally painful experience that may influence you to act irrationally. Although you may feel justified to do everything to catch and then punish your spouse, this may lead to legal trouble for you later. If you act in ways that are unlawful, you may expect serious consequences. […]

Spring Cleaning: Tips for Dividing Property Fairly

The spring season is often synonymous with a clean state and a fresh start. If you know that your marriage is over and it’s time to pursue a divorce, then now is the ideal time to begin the process with an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer. This year, as you begin your spring cleaning, start to […]

Reasons to Request Child Custody Modification

The child custody arrangement the judge granted months ago might not be working for you anymore. The good news is that you have the option of asking the judge for a modification. Here are some of the common reasons parents request child custody modification: The Child is In Danger One of the most common reasons […]

Important Florida Family Law Case on Modifying Alimony Duration

Important Florida Family Law Case on Modifying Alimony Duration Florida’s Fifth District Court of Appeals recently heard the case of Ispass v. Ispass, where the case centered on a wife’s appeal of a trial court order. The trial court had dismissed a supplemental petition the wife made in an attempt to modify both the amount and duration […]

Timesharing Agreements Should Be Clear, Not Ambiguous

Recent Florida Case Shows Why Timesharing Agreements Ought to Be Clear, Not Ambiguous The case of Wohlberg v. Conner was recently decided by Florida’s 4th District Court of Appeal. The case helpfully articulates why clear and precise language is essential when parents enter into timesharing agreements or when those agreements are modified. Here is a closer look at […]

Can a Parent Who Violates a Court Order to Baptize a Child Be Sentenced to Jail?

Can a Parent Who Violates a Court Order to Baptize a Child Be Sentenced to Jail? For most parents living in the United States, the First Amendment protects both a parent’s right to freedom of religion as well as the right to raise a child according to preferred religious values. However, these constitutionally protected rights […]

Where You File for Divorce Is Especially Important for Florida Military Spouses

Where You File for Divorce Is Especially Important for Florida Military Spouses As a general rule, Florida spouses can only file for divorce in Florida, the state in which they live. Unlike civilian spouses, military spouses tend to have options on where to file for divorce. For example, suppose a military couple was married in […]

The Legal Complexity of Interpreting Emojis

The Legal Complexity of Interpreting Emojis For most people, emojis are a fun and clever way of expressing oneself via text messages, social media or email. From a legal vantage point, however, the use of emojis can raise head-scratching legal questions as to an emoji user’s intended meaning. From a simple winking emoji to an angry […]

Florida Lawmakers Considering a Mandatory Marriage Guide for Couples

Florida Lawmakers Considering a Mandatory Marriage Guide for Couples It is likely fair to say that most couples seek advice from close friends, family or respected peers before tying the knot with a partner. Even so, voluntarily seeking out advice from respected individuals is a far cry from a legal mandate requiring couples to read […]

Self Care During A Divorce

As you are sifting through your divorce documents with your divorce lawyer, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the logistics of finalizing your divorce. Divorce can take its toll on you both physically and mentally, so it’s imperative that you schedule time during this stressful period to take care of yourself. Self Care and Divorce […]

Digital Spying in Divorce Cases

Digital Spying in Divorce Cases Most modern divorce law across the United States is rooted in the notion of no-fault divorce, a legal concept dating back to the 1970s. As such, it is fair to say that a substantive portion of no-fault divorce law could not possibly have considered the role modern technology like the […]

How the New Tax Overhaul Impacts your Alimony

How the New Tax Overhaul Removes the Alimony Deduction Irrespective of your political persuasion, it is an inescapable fact that the GOP’s tax overhaul is the largest tax reform in a generation. As with any sweeping change to the federal tax code, the recent changes usher in sweeping reforms that have significant ramifications for most taxpayers. […]

New Law Affecting Timesharing and Parenting Plans Took Effect in 2018

New Law Affecting Timesharing and Parenting Plans Took Effect in 2018 Florida lawmakers have taken another meaningful step toward furthering contact between non-custodial parents and their children in a family law case. On January 1, 2018, a new law took effect that is meant to make it easier for unmarried or divorcing parents to reach […]

Custody of Pets in Divorce

Custody of Pets in Divorce Traditionally, state family law across the country have treated domestic pets in divorce as personal property. For its part, Florida case law has treated pets as property as well (Levine v. Knowles, 197 So. 2d 329 (Fla. 3d DCA 1967)). Florida law also makes no mention of how pets are to be […]

What Are the Notice and Due Process Requirements for Child Support-Related Civil Contempt Motions?

What Are the Notice and Due Process Requirements for Child Support-Related Civil Contempt Motions? When a party is ordered to pay child support by a Florida court, willful disobedience and failing to make child support payments can be grounds for contempt. The consequences for civil contempt can range from extensive fines to jail time, but […]

Is Failing to Make Mortgage Payments Based on a Marital Settlement Agreement Grounds for Contempt?

Is Failing to Make Mortgage Payments Based on a Marital Settlement Agreement Grounds for Contempt? In Florida family law, parties are expected to obey court orders pertaining to child and spousal support. If a party disobeys such a court order, the other party may file a motion for contempt that can lead to fines or […]

3 Ways to Improve Your Co-Parenting Skills in the New Year

Now that you have finalized your divorce with your Tampa divorce lawyer, and you are ready to start the new year, it’s time to consider your co-parenting strategies and techniques. When there are children involved in a divorce situation, it’s best when both parents agree to cooperate and co-parent to the best of their abilities. […]

Start Fresh in the New Year: Why You Should File for Divorce in January

It seems that everywhere you turn during the month of December, you see a man down on one knee with a diamond ring in his hand. The holiday season is rife with romance and proposals, but January is the month where you need to contact your Tampa divorce attorney. The beginning of the new year […]

Holiday Gift Guide for Divorced Parents

The holiday season is the most festive and memorable time of the year, but it can be a particularly tricky season to navigate after working with a Tampa divorce attorney and finalizing a divorce. As parents are already dealing with the logistics of their co-parenting plan, they also have to consider everything that goes along with the […]

The Social Divorce: Social Media Etiquette for Ex-Spouses

In a world where everything has to be Facebook official and Insta-perfect, it can be difficult to navigate your social media realm after your divorce. As you work with your Tampa divorce attorney to finalize the process, you’ll want to be thinking about how your divorce plays out online as well. This etiquette guide will […]

Independent Travel: Fun Places to Go After Your Divorce

After you and your Tampa divorce lawyer have settled all of the arrangements for the divorce and the details have been finalized, you will likely be ready for a vacation. A divorce is a stressful period in a person’s life, and it’s not uncommon for people to want to get away for a little while […]

Parent-Teacher Conferences: What to do After Your Divorce

Going through a divorce when you have school-aged children can be challenging, not only because of the impact on the kids but also because you have to stay in contact with your former spouse. While divorced parents today are making a better effort to co-parent than ever before, there are still plenty of potentially awkward and […]

Tips for Moving Out After Divorce

Tips for moving your things out during after a divorce.

5 Reasons to be Thankful for Your Divorce

As you begin to count your blessings this November, your divorce likely won’t be at the top of your list. However, there’s actually a surprising number of reasons to be grateful for your divorce. Here’s a few to consider: 1. You are able to be a stronger, more independent person. Divorce is challenging in many […]

Co-Parenting in the Digital Age

Websites and apps that make co-parenting easier.

A Guide to Trick-or-Treating for Divorced Parents

Helpful tips to make trick-or-treating less frightful this year.

Co-Parenting During the School Year: 5 Tips for Success

Life in the immediate aftermath of divorce can be chaotic, not just for you but also for your children. When the back-to-school season arrives, it’s important to work with your family attorney in Tampa FL to create a plan that will help both you and your former spouse provide your children with the support they need. […]

Can a Spouse Get Permanent Alimony in a Short-Term Marriage?

In exceptional circumstances, a spouse may get permanent alimony in a short term marriage.

Florida Same-Sex Partner Denied Parental Rights in Child Custody Case

Florida same sex partner denied custody rights.

5 Tips for a Military Divorce

5 tips you should know when facing a military divorce.

Personal Injury Compensation in Divorce Proceedings

Each State has different laws and agreements when it comes to divorce proceedings, especially when dealing with personal injury lawsuits. One thing that is the same with each state is that there is always an evaluation of the situation and who should be awarded what. The law usually limits the damages you can receive regarding […]

How Personal Injury Settlements Can Affect Child Support Payments | The Mckinney Law Group

If you are currently paying child support and just received a personal injury settlement, the settlement received may alter the amount you pay in monthly child support payments. See below for various examples on how your monthly payments can potentially change. Consideration of Taxable or Nontaxable Income: Many states view personal injury settlements as a […]

The Role of a Parenting Coordinator

A parenting coordinator can be an excellent resource during a family law matter.

Minor Child Tax Exemption

Who claims the children on their taxes?

Answers to Five Common Questions About Suing for Divorce

A divorce can be difficult for all parties involved. There are many legal issues to tackle, and making even one error can slow down and complicate the entire process. Let’s take a look at five common questions that estranged couples ask during divorce proceedings. Is divorce the same thing as an annulment or legal separation? […]

What is Sole Parental Responsibility?

The presumption in Florida is to award shared parental responsibility.

What Is Considered Income for Child Support Purposes?

What income is used for child support guidelines?

Can an Unmarried Partner Sue for Wrongful Death? | The Mckinney Law Group

Wrongful death is defined as the death of a person from an injury that was caused by neglect or by any wrongful act committed by another person or a company. The act in question must be of the kind that was avoidable. Some common examples include: Automobile accidents Slip and fall accidents Product Defects Complications […]

Does Florida Recognize Common Law Marriage?

Florida law surrounding common law marriage. 

Can Florida Courts Modify Alimony Based on a Supportive Relationship?

Alimony and Supportive Relationships. 

Health Insurance After Divorce

What happens to your health insurance after you divorce? 

Will the court provide an interpreter?

Will you be provided an interpreter during your court proceeding? 

What is a social investigation in a custody case?

What is a social investigation and how will it help your custody case? 

How to Calculate Child Support?

Child Support Tips.

Can I FaceTime With My Child?

Electronic communication between parents and children might not be harmless during divorce.

Is My Business a Marital Asset?

Unlike traditional marital assets, businesses are trickier to divide.

What Is an Annulment?

Annulment is more than just ending a marriage.

Joint Custody & Visitation Rights

Joint Custody Can Avoid Visitation Issues After a Divorce

Bankruptcy and Divorce: Which Comes First, and Why

If you’re between a rock and a hard place, the next steps might be hard to determine.

Is My Marriage Irretrievably Broken?

In some states, including Florida, one party does not have to the sole cause of a failed marriage.

Splitting a Personal Injury Settlement Award in a Divorce

If I have a settlement from a personal injury case, is that factored into my assets?

What Can You Do If Your Soldier Cuts You Off Financially?

What to do if your military spouse no longer provides financial support for your family.

Divorce Calls Increase on Valentine’s Day

Individuals are more inclined to seek legal representation during the holidays.

Custody of Pets in a Florida Divorce

Do the courts see Fido as “part of the family”?

3 Ways a Personal Injury Can Lead to Divorce

Can a personal injury accident really lead to a divorce from the person that you promised to love, honor, and cherish for the rest of your life?

What is a Family Law Financial Affidavit?

Financial affidavits appear to be simple on the surface but can be challenging to understand.

What is a Marital Asset in a Florida Divorce?

Equal distribution of assets is never a simple process.

What Is Mandatory Disclosure?

Having these financial documents on hand when filing for dissolution of marriage.

Do I have to Take a Parenting Class?

While not usually required, parenting classes provide beneficial information to families in divorce turmoil.

Is There Legal Separation in Florida?

How a legal separation differs from a full-fledged divorce.

What is a Default in Florida Divorce?

If you are served a petition for divorce and neglect to respond to the court, your divorce could receive a default. 

The United States Supreme Court Agrees to Review a Military Retirement Issue in a Divorce Case: What Does This Mean for Your Military Retirement?

How a military divorce case landed at the steps of the Supreme Court.

Can I Keep My Commissary and Exchange Privileges After Divorce?

Which military privileges no longer apply to ex-spouses of service members?

What Is a Family Law General Magistrate?

Not all divorce cases are overseen by a judge. What is the alternative?

What are Family Law Interrogatories and How Do I Answer Them?

What happens when the opposing party serves you with interrogatories.

Are My VA Benefits Marital Property? What About Alimony?

Veteran benefits are protected from creditors, but are they protected against your ex-spouse?

Can I Modify a Domestic Violence Injunction?

If you seek any modifications to a court order, strong evidence must be submitted to justfiy its dissolution. 

Military Divorce: Can I Keep My Military ID Card?

For non-military spouses, military IDs can be revoked if specific qualifications are not met.

Can a Guardian Ad Litem Be Disqualified?

For parents who are dissatisfied with a Guardian Ad Litem’s findings, the court limits their options to disqualify them.

The Role of the Guardian Ad Litem in Florida Trial Courts

Guardian Ad Litems serve the best interests of a child during a divorce case. 

Holiday Tips for Divorced Parents

Divorce can cause strains on households this time of year, but families can still have a peaceful holiday season.

Is My Military Accrued Vacation Time and Sick Leave a Marital Asset?

Military divorces come with additional strings, including what is considered an assets for equitable distribution. 

Is My Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) a Marital Asset?

In any divorce case, retirement funds are fair ground for equitable distribution.

Will the Court Separate Siblings in a Custody Case?

 The courts seek to provide the best possible living situation for minors during custody cases. In rare cases, siblings might be living under two different roofs.

Do Florida Courts Care About Adultery?

Despite Florida following No-Fault divorce policy, infidelity might not go unnoticed by the courts. 

Religion and Parenting Plans

Are religious practices included in a parenting plan?

Why Estate Planning Documents Should Be Updated During a Florida Divorce

How to revise these critical documents during your divorce.

The Price is Right: How much does the average divorce cost?

Divorces are not one-size-fits-all. Learn why costs vary from case to case.

Divorce is a Process, Not a Transaction

Your divorce is going to take some time, but it is worth the wait.

Can the Court Dictate my Child’s Religion?

Why the courts leave your child’s religious practices off the parenting plan. 

When it Comes Down to the Dollar: Calculating Child Support for Professional Athletes – Part 1

How child support is weighed when parents make varying incomes.

How to Avoid a Lengthy Divorce Battle

No one wants a extensive divorce. These tips will help you avoid that.

Top Three Things to Avoid When Going Through a Divorce: Part 1

Avoiding these actions will make your divorce easier.

Can I pay an Equalizing Payment in Installment Payments?

When using other means of distributing marital assets, they must be within reason. 

Is a Settlement From a Lawsuit Considered Marital Property?

Equal distribution of marital assets may not apply to settlement awards. 

If my court appointed expert seeks outside (legal) assistance, Am I responsible for their fees?

If you’re getting divorced, read your attorney’s contract carefully.

What process do courts undertake in determining distribution of certificate of deposits (CD), money market, or savings/checking bank accounts?

If your assets are not properly defined as martial or non-martial, you may end up in court again.  

Things to Consider if You Divorce after You’re 50

How your retirement and social security are effected.

Is my military pension a marital asset?

Your pensions may be at risk. 

New GPS Apps Brings Electronic Evidence To The Forefront of Divorces

A recent Supreme Court case suggests that you may want to shy away from these new GPS apps offered through your hand held devices. 

Top 3 “Need to Knows” about The Spying Spouse

How to handle a spouse that is looking over your shoulder during your dissolution case. 


My ex-spouse quit before retirement age, can I still get a portion of the pension?

A recent court ruling finds that pensions awards may change if your ex-spouse experience a job change. 

If my vehicle is in my spouse’s name when I file for divorce, will my car be taken away?

If your name is not a title, you may not immediately lose your vehicle.

Unequal Earning Capacity cannot act as the sole basis for an award of unequal distribution

If one spouse does not earn the same as the other, more evidence must be needed in order to award funds. 

Should I file my divorce first?

It may be a better option for you to file first. 

Can I get a divorce in Florida?

Divorce depends on your residency. 

I was just served, what do I do next?

Being handed divorce papers can leave individuals in an uncomfortable position. 

Are marital assets considered in alimony awards?

If you are being awarded alimony, martial assets may not be included. 

Common Questions Regarding Family Law – Part I

The most frequently asked questions on custody and timesharing. 

Be cautious of social media during a divorce

Social media and divorce do not mix. 

Middle aged and getting married? Here’s why you need a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements can be created at any age. 

Can you record your spouse’s phone calls?

Spying on your spouse’s behavior should not be your method of obtaining evidence. 

Tips and advice for custody disputes

These methods will help ease the burden of a custody battle.  

Is your timeshare agreement airtight?
November 25, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Is your timeshare agreement airtight?

A recent case outlines that timesharing agreements must outline all  possible avenues. 

How to Calculate Child Support when One Parent is Unemployed
November 23, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

How to Calculate Child Support when One Parent is Unemployed

If one parent is currently out of a job, child support becomes a difficult to allocate. 

Unequal Earning Capacity cannot act as the sole basis for an award of unequal distribution
November 21, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Unequal Earning Capacity cannot act as the sole basis for an award of unequal distribution

If one spouse does not earn the same as the other, more evidence must be needed in order to award funds. 

Should I file my divorce first?
November 19, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Should I file my divorce first?

It may be a better option for you to file first. 

Can I get a divorce in Florida?
November 17, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Can I get a divorce in Florida?

Divorce depends on your residency. 

I was just served, what do I do next?
November 15, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

I was just served, what do I do next?

Being handed divorce papers can leave individuals in an uncomfortable position. 

Paying your child’s college expenses and how it relates to divorce.
November 13, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Paying your child’s college expenses and how it relates to divorce.

Along with alimony and division of property, your child's pursuit for higher education should be thoroughly discussed. 

Will the judge speak to my children in a custody case?
November 9, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Will the judge speak to my children in a custody case?

A child's testimony may not be necessary. 

We cannot decide where to send our child to school, what do we do?
November 7, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

We cannot decide where to send our child to school, what do we do?

Decisions on where your child attends school require a mutual agreement. 

Are marital assets considered in alimony awards?
November 5, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Are marital assets considered in alimony awards?

If you are being awarded alimony, martial assets may not be included. 

I want to move with my children, how far away can I move?
October 30, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

I want to move with my children, how far away can I move?

Relocating your child without permission could lead to serious charges. 

Common Questions Regarding Family Law – Part II
October 13, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Common Questions Regarding Family Law – Part II

The frequently asked questions on family law. 

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