Where You File for Divorce Is Especially Important for Florida Military Spouses

Where You File for Divorce Is Especially Important for Florida Military Spouses As a general rule, Florida spouses can only file for divorce in Florida, the state in which they live. Unlike civilian spouses, military spouses tend to have options on where to file for divorce. For example, suppose a military couple was married in […]

The Legal Complexity of Interpreting Emojis

The Legal Complexity of Interpreting Emojis For most people, emojis are a fun and clever way of expressing oneself via text messages, social media or email. From a legal vantage point, however, the use of emojis can raise head-scratching legal questions as to an emoji user’s intended meaning. From a simple winking emoji to an angry […]

5 Tips for a Military Divorce

5 tips you should know when facing a military divorce.

Health Insurance After Divorce

What happens to your health insurance after you divorce? 

Will the court provide an interpreter?

Will you be provided an interpreter during your court proceeding? 

What is Hearsay?

What is hearsay in a Tampa divorce?

Are Communications With My Accountant Privileged?

Are discussions with my accountant confidential in a Tampa divorce? 

Is A Discussion with my Priest Confidential?

Is my priest confession confidential? 

How to Calculate Child Support?

Child Support Tips.

What Is an Emergency Motion?

Certain events warrant the use of immediate legal action.

Trump’s Executive Order and Its Impact on Tampa Family Law Cases

Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration impacts more than the US border.

What is a Family Law Financial Affidavit?

Financial affidavits appear to be simple on the surface but can be challenging to understand.

What is a Court Reporter?

The role of a court reporter is more than the stenographic machine.

Military Domestic Violence Injunction Remedies

When remedies for military domestic violence are needed, civil & criminal statutes are used to provide relief. 

What Is a Family Law General Magistrate?

Not all divorce cases are overseen by a judge. What is the alternative?

What are Family Law Interrogatories and How Do I Answer Them?

What happens when the opposing party serves you with interrogatories.

Can I Modify a Domestic Violence Injunction?

If you seek any modifications to a court order, strong evidence must be submitted to justfiy its dissolution. 

What Is the Putative Father Registry?

Unnmarried Florida men can retain paternal rights through a legal registry.

What Happens at a Case Management Conference?

What you need to know if your case requires a case management conference.

What Happens at a Pretrial Conference?

What a pretrial conference means for your court case.

How to Legally Change Your Name in Florida

A simple overview on name changes in the state of Florida.

Can a Family Court Judge Order Drug Testing?

Why a judge could order a drug test during custody cases.

Can I put my home up for sale during my divorce?

Why you are better off selling your house after your divorce.

What Happens When a Domestic Violence Injunction is Violated?

The courts will not take a domestic violence injunction violation lightly.

Due Process Protections and Domestic Violence

Even in sensitive cases, the legal right of individuals in a trial needs to be upheld.

I moved after my case is over. Do I need to notify the court?

It is important that you update your contact information.

Tips for A Successful Mediation

Preparation is the key to handling your mediation. 

What is a Psychosexual Evaluation and when will a judge order one?

In rare cases involving complex custody disputes, outside assistance may be required for a final judgement. 

New GPS Apps Brings Electronic Evidence To The Forefront of Divorces

A recent Supreme Court case suggests that you may want to shy away from these new GPS apps offered through your hand held devices. 

Top 3 “Need to Knows” about The Spying Spouse

How to handle a spouse that is looking over your shoulder during your dissolution case. 


Will the judge speak to my children in a custody case?

A child’s testimony may not be necessary. 

Was your Child Support Hearing Transcribed?

A recent Florida decision is yet another reminder of how important the transcription of your case may be.

Three Tips for a Successful Deposition

Depositions do not have to be so scary. 

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September 30, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Be cautious of social media during a divorce

Social media and divorce do not mix. 

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September 30, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Middle aged and getting married? Here’s why you need a prenuptial agreement.

Prenuptial agreements can be created at any age. 

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September 30, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Common Questions Regarding Family Law

The most frequently asked questions on family law. 

Tampa Deposition
September 30, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Three Tips for a Successful Deposition

Depositions do not have to be so scary. 

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September 30, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Handling child support from a previous relationship

Child support becomes tricky when it is received from a past relationship. 

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September 15, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Can you record your spouse’s phone calls?

Spying on your spouse's behavior should not be your method of obtaining evidence. 

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September 15, 2015 The McKinney Law Group

Tips and advice for custody disputes

These methods will help ease the burden of a custody battle.