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Our Trusted Divorce Law Firm in Tampa, FL The McKinney Law Group has been helping divorcing spouses with biological or adopted children for many, many years. As parents who adopted children together, chances are you didn’t imagine divorcing from your spouse. Realizing that it’s time to move on and create a new life can be heart-breaking. Even though you may have to find a new place to live, the one thing that will remain the same is taking care of your adopted children. During the divorce process, you and your ex will have to figure out an arrangement so that your adopted children still have significant time with each of you.

To help you both focus on what is best for your adopted children as you negotiate terms of custody, our Tampa, FL Trusted Divorce Law Firm may suggest keeping in mind the who, what, when, where, why, and how: 

The “Who”?

Decide who you want to help you negotiate the terms of your divorce settlement. Do you want to figure it out amongst yourself without court interference? Do you want to hire a mediator to assist with your discussions? Or, would you prefer to have our FL Trusted Divorce Law Firm in Tampa get involved? Third-party mediators can be helpful, as they are unbiased and not emotionally invested in the situation. 

The “What” and “Why”?

What do you want in regards to the child custody arrangement? Do you want to see your children on the weekends because you have a busy work schedule? Do you want to have custody of them so they can live with you? What does your ideal visitation and custody arrangement look like? Once you have figured that out, then you can talk it over with your spouse.

After expressing your preferences, a Tampa, FL divorce attorney may suggest gathering evidence to support your claims during negotiations. For example, maybe you want to have your children with you on Saturdays because that is a day that you always have off from work. So, bring a print-out from work that shows your work schedule history to emphasize your point.

The “When”?

When will it be best for you and your spouse to negotiate? It is better to agree upon a certain date and time versus ambushing your ex with a discussion when they aren’t prepared. This can only add more tension then there needs to be, potentially hindering you both from arriving at a resolution together. Lawyers from our Trusted Divorce Law Firm in FL at The McKinney Law Group can help you strategize on how best to approach sensitive conversations with your spouse. 

The “Where”? 

Where do you and your spouse want to discuss elements of the divorce settlement? Is there a neutral location you can meet at so you won’t be interrupted? Divorce is difficult on children, so if possible, you may want to arrange for them to have a baby sitter or spend the day with family so you and your spouse can dispute in private. Even if your children are too little to understand what you are talking about, they will be able to feel the emotions and tension in the room. 

The “How”?

How do you and your spouse want to negotiate? Do you want to use a mediator, arbitrator, talk amongst yourselves, or just go to court instead? Consider your current dynamic and whether talking peacefully is realistic. If it’s not, then you may need to have your lawyers at our Florida Trusted Divorce Law Firm do the back and forth negotiations for you instead. 

If you are currently undergoing a divorce and have biological or adopted children together, then we advise contacting our Florida Trusted Divorce Law Firm to speak with an experienced lawyer at The McKinney Law Group