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Understanding the Case: Limerick vs. Rojo-Limerick

In the recent North Carolina Court of Appeals decision filed on March 7, 2023, the case of Randall Limerick vs. Claudia Rojo-Limerick was reviewed. This case primarily revolves around child support and the contentious issue of attorney’s fees awarded to the plaintiff, Randall Limerick. This blog post aims to summarize the case details and the court’s ruling, providing valuable insights, especially for those seeking the services of an Asheville custody lawyer.

Background of the Case

The case started on August 17, 2020, when Randall Limerick filed for divorce from bed and board, child custody, child support, and attorney’s fees in Mecklenburg County District Court. Claudia Rojo-Limerick responded by filing a Motion to Dismiss and asserting counterclaims for custody, child support, equitable distribution, alimony, and attorney’s fees. Over time, both parties voluntarily dismissed several claims, focusing solely on child custody and child support by January 2021.

On February 15, 2021, a Consent Order for Permanent Child Custody, Temporary Child Support, and Attorney’s Fees was entered. However, the sole remaining claim for child support was heard on November 1, 2021. The trial court’s order on December 9, 2021, included an award for child support and attorney’s fees to Randall Limerick.

The Core Issue: Attorney’s Fees

The key issue on appeal was whether the trial court erred in awarding attorney’s fees to Randall Limerick without making the required statutory findings. According to North Carolina General Statute § 50-13.6, attorney’s fees in child support cases can only be awarded if specific criteria are met. The statute states that the court must find that the party ordered to provide support has refused to do so adequately. In this case, the trial court failed to make such a finding.

Legal Analysis

The appellate court’s analysis emphasized that the recovery of attorney’s fees is strictly governed by statute. The court must find that the party awarded fees is acting in good faith and lacks sufficient means to cover the expenses. Additionally, in cases solely about child support, the court must find that the party ordered to pay support refused to provide adequate support at the time the action commenced.

In this case, the trial court did not make the required finding that Randall Limerick, the party ordered to pay support, had refused to provide adequate support. Instead, the court found that Randall had been paying reasonable child support since the separation. This omission was crucial and led to the reversal of the attorney’s fees award.

The Court’s Decision

The Court of Appeals concluded that the trial court erred in awarding attorney’s fees to Randall Limerick. It noted that while Claudia Rojo-Limerick’s actions might have unnecessarily increased Randall’s attorney’s fees, the statutory requirements were not met. Therefore, the award of $5,189.00 in attorney’s fees was reversed. However, the court affirmed the rest of the trial court’s order, including the child support payments.

Implications for Future Cases

This case highlights the importance of adhering strictly to statutory requirements when awarding attorney’s fees in child support cases. It also underscores the potential for strategic maneuvering by parties to either avoid or secure attorney’s fees. The court acknowledged the possibility of gamesmanship, where parties might delay resolving custody issues to influence the awarding of attorney’s fees. This recognition points to a need for careful consideration and possibly legislative review to address such strategic behaviors.


For those navigating child custody and support disputes, especially in Asheville, consulting a knowledgeable custody lawyer is crucial. This case exemplifies how nuanced and complex these legal matters can be. An experienced Asheville custody lawyer can provide the necessary guidance to ensure that all statutory requirements are met and advocate effectively on your behalf.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, remember that legal intricacies can significantly impact the outcomes of your case. Seeking professional legal advice from a seasoned Asheville custody lawyer can help you navigate these complexities and work towards a favorable resolution.

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