High Asset Divorce Attorney Tampa, FL

High Asset Divorce Attorney Tampa, FLIf you are getting a divorce, and there are significant assets involved, hiring a high asset divorce attorney Tampa, FL trusts is recommended. 

High net worth divorces are those that may include complex assets, such as stock options, business interests, stock voting rights, assets held in a trust, real estate, deferred compensation, and certain tax benefits. If any of these apply, please call our firm to speak directly with a Tampa, Florida high asset divorce attorney. 

Things to Consider When Involved in a High Asset Divorce

Hire an Experienced High Asset Divorce Attorney

When it comes to a high value divorce, you want a very experienced family law firm with experience not only in handling these cases, but settling them. Experience may be obvious, but the need for experience in settling cases might be less so. When a divorce case is litigated, which is common in high net worth divorces, the fees can exceed tens of thousands of dollars. For example, the worth of every asset must be established, case laws may need to be reviewed,  and disagreements settled. Creative, high asset divorce attorneys in Tampa, FL may be able to draft a negotiation agreement that is successful and less costly. 

Keep the Trust

Despite the anger, resentment, and other emotions that may be felt, do your best to maintain a positive relationship with your spouse. By doing so, streamlining the divorce process will become more possible. You should refrain from saying things that aggravate the situation, and taking care of your actions and words from the moment the divorce is discussed. Look for solutions that help both of you. This can help to preserve the trust and will likely lead to a successful high net worth divorce. 

Have Realistic Expectations 

If you earn more than your spouse, you might feel that you deserve more assets. If you are the economic dependent spouse, you might not want to assume risk with the assets you walk away with. Both situations warrant the need for a high asset divorce attorney Tampa, FL knows and respects. A lawyer will understand the applicable laws and discuss the likely outcome with you. 

Be Open To Settlement Options

When it comes to high asset divorces, reaching a settlement may take a lot of time. The more open you are to creative settlements, the sooner your divorce may be finalized. By addressing the settlement options with your high asset divorce attorney in Tampa, FL, you may keep a judge from making the decisions for you. 

Our firm is composed of effective negotiators, skilled litigators, and experienced high net worth attorneys. We work and collaborate together, and in a cohesive manner. We take on a limited number of cases so as to focus the necessary time and attention high net worth divorces often need. To preserve our reputation for strategic, well-documented facts, we network with financial analysts, accountants, and other professionals. 

It is our goal to preserve your assets and keep you from wasting your financial resources on legal fees. Let our high asset divorce attorney in Tampa, FL assess your situation and develop a solution that suits your needs. Call us at The McKinney Law Group today.