Permanent Alimony Could Be Eliminated in Florida: What You Need to Know

Across the country, there are 44 states that have bans on permanent alimony, and Florida could be joining the ranks as the 45th state to do so as well. According to Florida Politics, a proposal to ban permanent alimony in the state has passed through its final House committee, and will be heading to the Florida […]

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What to Include in Your Postnuptial Agreement

Postnuptial agreements are very similar in many regards to prenuptial agreements, the main difference is that a postnuptial agreement is drafted and signed after two people are already married. Couples choose to create postnuptial agreements for a variety of reasons. Some may opt to sign a postnup because they have started a business together, and […]

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Drafting a Prenup? Here’s 4 Things to Include

You have already had the all-important conversation with your future spouse, and you have both agreed to create a prenuptial agreement. Now, you will need to work closely with an experienced Tampa divorce attorney in order to draft a prenup that will cover all of your needs as a couple.  Here are the four most […]

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4 Fast Facts You Need to Know About Postnuptial Agreements

Most people are familiar with the concept of prenuptial agreements, but you may not be aware of the option for a postnuptial agreement. A postnuptial agreement is essentially the same as a prenuptial agreement, except that it is drafted and signed after the marriage has already taken place.  Interested in knowing more about postnuptial agreements? […]

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Considering a Prenup? Here are 5 Surprising Benefits to Note

A prenuptial agreement can be a tricky topic to bring up, but it’s important to remember that both you and your future spouse benefit when there is a prenuptial agreement in place prior to the marriage. In order to broach the subject with ease, consider offering these surprising benefits as a reason why you should […]

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A Fresh Perspective on Divorce: Why It’s a Beginning Rather than an End

Defined as the act of legally dissolving a marriage, divorce is often thought of as an ending. However, if you have been seeking counsel from a Tampa divorce lawyer and you are ready to pursue divorce, it’s important to focus on a different perspective. For many, divorce is the beginning of a new chapter. It […]

Family Lawyers to Defend You Against Child Protection Services

Family Lawyer Frustrated. Confused. Overwhelmed. Scared. Angry. These are the common feelings felt by parents who are under investigation by Child Protective Services (CPS). As a leading family lawyer for CPS defense, we understand what you’re going through and are determined to find a solution that meets your needs and goals.  A family lawyer, like […]

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How To Teach Kids To Cope With Uncertainty – Raising Resilient Children During Unprecedented Times

Uncertainty is not something that anyone loves. In fact, according to a HuffPost article, people are more likely to feel stress and anxiety about the possibility of a negative experience rather than the certainty of it.  For children, uncertainty has become a part of everyday life during the pandemic. If you are considering a divorce during […]

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Preparing for Divorce in the New Year

Rather than making a New Year’s Resolution to shed 5 or 10 pounds, you should resolve to shed the weight of your failing marriage. As the new year begins, now is the perfect time to begin a fresh start. However, before you contact a Tampa divorce lawyer to begin the process, you should start preparing for […]

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How to Address Your COVID-19 Concerns with Your Ex During the Holidays

Creating a holiday visitation schedule can be stressful and frustrating during normal times, but the COVID-19 pandemic is making it even more difficult for couples to come to an agreement. If you are interested in altering your custody schedule to accommodate the restrictions or guidelines that are currently in place, you should contact your Tampa […]