Visitation Rights & Child Custody

Visitation Rights & Child Custody I Haven’t Seen My Child in Years, Can I Get Visitation Rights? While divorce proceedings may be arduous, the legal agreements that are established in a divorce decree are binding, at least until one partner serves the other with the intention to revisit these arrangements. This means that when the […]

Do Courts Favor Mothers for Child Custody?

Family Law Group Tampa, FL Child Custody It used to be assumed that children would stay with their mothers after a divorce, but this is no longer automatically the case. In fact, some states have even passed legislation explicitly stating that there should be no custody preference to women over men. Custody laws vary by […]

How Can You Modify an Alimony Agreement?

Family Attorney Tampa, FL Alimony You may be able to modify alimony in limited circumstances. Every state has its own legal guidelines covering the award, amount, and duration of alimony orders, which are also commonly called spousal maintenance or spousal support. When judges issue orders to pay support, they make their determinations by applying the […]

How Gender Perceptions May Affect Custody Decisions

Family Law Group Tampa, FL Does the court favor mothers for child custody? At one point, the answer was decidedly and unabashedly yes. Today, it is a little more complicated. In the past, mothers and fathers were expected to enact very strict gender roles. The mother was supposed to be the caretaker and nurturer, while […]

What Fathers Need to Know About Child Custody

Family Attorney Tampa, FL Child Custody Traditionally, courts have blindly favored mothers over fathers when it comes to awarding custody. This is no longer the case, and fathers are now considered just as competent as mothers regarding raising children. That said, divorcing dads must know about their rights to get favorable results in court. Here’s […]

Making a Case for Father’s Rights

Family Lawyers Tampa, FL A Father’s Rights If you are a man in the middle of a divorce and concerned about the custody of your children, you are not alone. There is a common misconception that mothers always win full custody. This leaves many separated men fearing that they might lose their father’s rights. But […]

“Aging out” of foster care

Adoption Lawyer While there is legally no age that signifies the end of foster care, generally foster children age out of care when they turn 18 years old and legally become an adult. There are guidelines put in place by the federal government to assist this transition to independence, however, it doesn’t mandate exactly what […]

Creating a Visitation Schedule

Establishing a child visitation schedule (commonly referred to as creating a “parenting plan” or “parenting agreement”) is one of the more challenging aspects of a divorce that involves young children. As an experienced Tampa, FL family lawyer – including those who work at The McKinney Law Group – can confirm, determining “your child’s best interests” […]

Steps To Take Before Getting a Divorce

Getting a divorce can be a complicated process. To help ensure that yours is as straightforward and stress-free as possible, there are certain actions you should take before filing. As an experienced Clearwater, FL divorce lawyer – including those who work at The McKinney Law Group – can confirm, being proactive in the wake of […]

FAQs About Alimony Proceedings

Alimony is a concept linked to the divorce process. However, many couples who are navigating a divorce are unsure of what the “ins and outs” of alimony actually entail. As an experienced Tampa, FL family attorney – including those who work at The McKinney Law Group – can confirm, alimony tends to come into play […]