4 Ways To Protect Assets During a Divorce

Protecting Assets in a Divorce It’s no secret that marriage can be difficult. Joining two lives together can come with frustrations, compromises, and misunderstandings that may lead to resentment over time. Once that animosity creeps in, it can be challenging for both parties to overcome. In fact, it’s so difficult to do that 41% of […]

What is Collaborative Family Law?

Collaborative Family Law Deciding to end a relationship is a deeply personal decision, and when you have a family together making the right choices can be a difficult process. As a lawyer who practices collaborative family law knows, like one from The Mckinney Law Group, finding the right approach and solutions to effectively resolve conflicts […]

When Should You Hire a Lawyer For Your Divorce?

Divorce Lawyer Up until your case is finalized, you have the option of hiring a lawyer for your divorce. The short answer as to when you should hire a lawyer is as soon as possible, maybe even before you ever file for divorce. Here’s how a divorce lawyer like one from The Mckinney Law Group […]

3 Reasons to Hire a Divorce Lawyer Early

Divorce Lawyer A marriage in trouble is not an uncommon situation. While the reasons behind it vary from simply growing apart to more extreme conditions, considering a separation or divorce is never an easy choice. It is also not an easy process, from the anxiety to trying to figure out the complex legal aspects of […]

Tips For Navigating Divorce as Parent

Collaborative Family Law Divorce is a painful and challenging process, but when you and your ex have a child together, the process can be even more difficult. Things can get heated quickly, and you and your spouse may frequently clash because you don’t agree on every detail. The reality is that you and your ex […]

Tips For Parents Going Through Divorce

Divorce Lawyer When a marriage ends, it is a challenging process for spouses to go through, but when a child is involved it can make the experience much more complicated. Spouses who have a child together may find it more difficult to be amicable during a divorce. Both parents who want what’s best for their […]


Permanent Alimony Could Be Eliminated in Florida: What You Need to Know

Across the country, there are 44 states that have bans on permanent alimony, and Florida could be joining the ranks as the 45th state to do so as well. According to Florida Politics, a proposal to ban permanent alimony in the state has passed through its final House committee, and will be heading to the Florida […]

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What to Include in Your Postnuptial Agreement

Postnuptial agreements are very similar in many regards to prenuptial agreements, the main difference is that a postnuptial agreement is drafted and signed after two people are already married. Couples choose to create postnuptial agreements for a variety of reasons. Some may opt to sign a postnup because they have started a business together, and […]

Family Law Lawyer

Family lawyers are legal professionals that specialize in matters where they are handling family law. They handle legal issues that are concerned with family members, such as divorce, child custody and guardianship. That is not an exhaustive list as there are many subspecialties to the main specialty that is family law. Family lawyers can act […]

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Drafting a Prenup? Here’s 4 Things to Include

You have already had the all-important conversation with your future spouse, and you have both agreed to create a prenuptial agreement. Now, you will need to work closely with an experienced Tampa divorce attorney in order to draft a prenup that will cover all of your needs as a couple.  Here are the four most […]