If you need a pre and post nuptial agreement Tampa FL residents should strongly consider retaining the services of a lawyer. With any agreement you sign — whether regarding pre or post nuptials, paternity, or divorce — it is important that it addresses and protects both your rights and your interests. Should you and your spouse decide to create a Tampa pre and post nuptial agreement, it is important that the legal documents reflect your concerns. More importantly, it must be legally enforceable. This is when a lawyer can be vital.

For decades, The McKinney Law Group has been drafting a pre and post nuptial agreement Tampa FL couples can depend on for reliability. Regardless of where you are in the process of forming or dissolving your nuptials, we are ready to assist with your unique situation.

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Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement might be a smart choice for couples who wish to marry, but who have significant individual assets that they wish to keep separate. The document can lay out how assets accumulated during the marriage would be divided in a divorce. It can also protect current assets, income, and inheritance plans. Filing a prenup is very important when children from previous relationships are involved.

When it comes to filing a pre and post nuptial agreement Tampa FL respects the advice of The McKinney Law Group.

Protecting Your Assets with a Prenup

All too often, people act on their emotions and get married without thinking through the legal ramifications. This can increase the possibility of legal troubles should anything unexpected happen in the future.

Because of the unpredictable events in life, a prenup gives marrying couples the chance to specify what will happen to their assets if they no longer choose to be married. These agreements have become standard practice and, with the help of a lawyer, can be drawn up in a relatively short amount of time. When you have a lawyer write a prenup, he or she can protect things like:

  • Investments
  • Stocks, bonds, and stock options
  • Inheritances, trusts, and wills
  • Real estate and property
  • Financial wealth

A prenup can also allocate spousal support payments and distribution of assets should a divorce happen. It can also separate the spouse from risky business ventures as well as other legal proceedings.

For a pre and post nuptial agreement Tampa FL lawyers are able to begin the process immediately after a consultation.

Postnuptial Agreements

These legal agreements are voluntarily drawn after a marriage has been established. Similar to a prenup, it can ease any concerns over finances and asset protection. If a divorce or death happens, the postnup may dictate what happens with assets, division of property, and finances. In general, child custody cannot be included in a postnup.

Law Firm for Pre and Post Nuptial Agreement in Tampa FL

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Used as a blanket term for divorce, dissolution of marriage encompasses various avenues for handling the closing of a marriage. There are two primary types of scenarios that govern a wide variety of situations in divorce cases. 

These two primary types are referred to as no fault divorces and at fault divorces.

No Fault and At Fault Divorces:
Understanding How They Differ

With no fault divorces a couple can either claim neither party is to blame for the end of the marriage. On the other hand, one spouse may claim that the other spouse engaged in some form of misconduct and has damaged the marriage beyond repair. This is would be considered an “at fault” divorce. Florida is strictly a “No Fault” state.  Which means that neither party has to alleged any type of misconduct in order to become divorced.

Uncontested & Simplified Dissolution of Marriage:
Understanding The Difference

An uncontested dissolution of marriage is an option for couples who can agree on all issues, including division of property, debts, and other related issues to their divorce. This process is referred to as the divorce settlement. Following a divorce settlement the final step is schedule an uncontested a final divorce court hearing.

Similar to uncontested dissolutions, Simplified dissolutions work for couple who can create a divorce settlement and agree to a final court hearing, however the couple must not have any minor children.

Mediated Dissolutions:
Understanding Collaborative Divorce & LAW

In cases that may require outside specialists other than legal counsel, a Collaborative divorce allows for couples to agree to negotiate, rather than litigate, with legal counsel and outside support working together. This is referred to as Collaborative Law.

Most divorce or family law cases settle at mediation.  Mediation is a great process that allows the parties to remain in control of their finances, children and ultimate happiness.  Reaching a settlement at mediation is generally going to be in your best interest and ultimately in the best interest of your minor children.

Going Beyond Dissolution of Marriage  

Annulment of marriage allows for a couple to null and void their marriage, and in the legal system their marriage was never valid and never existed.  Annulments are very rare and require a specific set of factual circumstances before a court will consider granting a divorce.

Military Divorce:
The Anomaly in Dissolution of Marriage

If one or both spouses are in the military, dissolution becomes complicated since state and federal laws apply. Military dissolutions may cause complex issues that do not apply to a civilian divorce, such as time-sharing and child custody while being deployed.

Military divorce issues require an attorney who is well versed in the laws surrounding military family law issues.

Temporary Relief:
Handling Matters Before a Dissolution is Finalized

If any financial or custodial issues arise before the finalization of the dissolution, Temporary relief orders can be filed for a short period of time before the finalization of the dissolution.

Name Change:
Handling Matters After a Dissolution is Finalized

For restoration of a maiden name, name changes can be filed after receiving your divorce decree. In some cases where name changes are not included in the document, a Petition for Name Change must be filed.

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