Contested Divorce Lawyer Tampa, FL

Contested Divorce Lawyer Tampa, FLHas your spouse disagreed with getting a divorce or some of the terms? If so, speaking to a contested divorce lawyer Tampa, FL trusts is a good idea. Contested divorces can be very challenging. It can help to have a legal advocate represent your rights and interests. 

What Is a Contested Divorce?

A contested divorce occurs when one spouse does not agree with something in the case. This could be the actual separation, but is often related to child support or custody, spousal support, or the division of assets. Contested divorces usually require the couple to go to court. A judge will hear their case and could make a ruling. By hiring a contested divorce lawyer in Tampa, FL, any disagreements could be resolved through mediation. This is much less costly and can save an enormous amount of stress. 

Preparing for a Contested Divorce

Contested divorces often involve many unique challenges. As a Tampa, Florida contested divorce lawyer might explain to you, it is important to plan and prepare carefully for it. 

Make a List of Your Debts and Assets – In a contested divorce, you should make a detailed list of all your debts and assets. This could include your financial accounts, bills, mortgage payments, and so forth. 

Ask For Support from Loved Ones – Contested divorces are often stressful. It is important to create a network of supportive people around you. Whenever you need to, you should be able to reach out for support, guidance, or a shoulder to lean on. 

Keep Communication Open – Even if you and your spouse cannot agree on terms of the divorce, do you best to remain open to communication. By staying civil with one another, trust can be established. It is also more likely for the both of you to reach an amicable agreement sooner rather than later. If you cannot talk face to face, try to utilize phone conversations or messaging apps. 

Hire a Good Lawyer – It is very important you choose an experienced contested divorce lawyer in Tampa, FL. By having a legal advocate helping you out, your chances of reaching a fair settlement improve. Be sure to bring documents that relate to your case, and any questions you might have during your meeting. 

Prepare for the Hearing – If your divorce is heard by a judge, you will need to prepare for the hearing. Your lawyer will go over what you can expect and what you should or should not say. You will also have the opportunity to find out how to dress and carry yourself before the judge. This preparation is very important and can make a difference in the outcome of a contested divorce. 

If you are involved in a contested divorce, call a contested divorce lawyer in Tampa, FL from The McKinney Law Group.