Prenuptial agreements get a bad rap—many people are reluctant to broach the subject with their intended because of the stigma. Wanting to protect yourself and your assets or shield yourself from your soon-to-be spouse’s debt doesn’t mean that you don’t believe your marriage will last. Think of prenuptial agreements like insurance. You purchase homeowner’s insurance for protection, but you don’t anticipate your house burning down.

Do you need to learn more about a customized asset protection agreement before you say “I do”?

At The McKinney Law Group, we provide experienced insight into Florida prenuptial laws and personalized legal advice so you can decide if a prenuptial agreement is right for you and your fiancé. We get to know your goals and priorities and show you how a prenup can help you. Contact us today to speak with a Florida prenup lawyer.


Customized Protections From A Florida Prenup Lawyer

We start by getting to know you, your current financial state, and your goals. This allows us to demonstrate how a prenuptial agreement can benefit you. We customize the agreement to meet your needs and can include as many or as few protections as you wish.

The goal of a prenuptial agreement is to make a divorce as least contentious as possible, at least when it comes to dividing assets and assigning debts. You may have certain obligations financially, that a prenuptial agreement can protect.

For example, we often work with couples on a second or third marriage who each have financial responsibilities to children form other relationships or spousal support obligations. A prenuptial agreement may simply be the best way to preserve each spouse’s respective responsibilities. In some cases, post-nuptial or pre-nuptial cases may serve as a map for dividing financial obligations, dividing assets, providing spousal support, and paying debts in cases where the couple separates before the divorce.


Keeping You Involved And Providing Answers

The goal of a Florida prenup lawyer is to ensure that you’re properly informed about legal options to protect your rights and assets while avoiding certain conflicts in your marriage. Whether you opt for a prenup, post-nup, or neither, we want to ensure that you have the best information to make the right decisions for your family.

We also review any pre-or post-nuptial agreement you are presented with on your behalf. You have the right to have your own lawyer read over a pre-up and determine if it’s fair to you. We’re here to negotiate a more equitable agreement to represent your interests and goals and make sure that, if the unthinkable happens, you’re protected and have the wherewithal to move forward after the marriage dissolution.


Schedule A Personalized Consultation With A Florida Prenup Lawyer

If you’re engaged, thinking about marriage, or already married but worried about your assets or debt obligations, we’re ready to help. The McKinney Law Group represents people who are considering marriage and those who are already married, drafting prenups or post-nups to protect your interests. We can help you preserve your relationship and protect what you’ve worked so hard for. Contact us today for a consultation with a Florida prenup lawyer.