Sometimes referred to as spousal support, Alimony provides financial support to one party after a dissolution of marriage. The duration of alimony varies depending on the situation and can range from the financial stand of the dependent spouse to the salary of the supportive spouse. The spouse who earns more is required by the court to assist the other spouse.


Alimony & Child Support Unconnected with Divorce

While Alimony is generally determined during dissolution of marriage cases, it is possible to file for alimony outside of dissolution of marriage, if one spouse is not financially contributing to the support of the other spouse and/or their child(ren). This method is only used when Divorce has not been filed.

Alimony Prior to Official Dissolution of Marriage

On the other hand, if a divorce has been filed and support is needed prior to a final hearing on the Dissolution of Marriage then a Motion for Temporary Relief (also called a Motion for Temporary Support and Child Support) would be filed with the court.

Modification of Alimony

Modifications to alimony may be filed if there is substantial change to the circumstances for either party. On one side it may be a matter of the paying spouse’s ability to make the necessary alimony payments, while on the other side the necessities of the spouse that is receiving the alimony payments is also subject to change either through an increase or decrease in expenses the alimony is allocated to assist with.


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Can Florida Courts Modify Alimony Based On A Supportive Relationship?

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    If you’re looking for a top alimony lawyer Tampa FL has to offer, you’re in the right place with The McKinney Law Group. Alimony, also known by many as spousal support, is sometimes granted after dissolution of marriage to provide one party with financial help and support. The circumstances surrounding alimony vary greatly on a case by case basis and can depend on a variety of things, such as the income of the supportive spouse and/or the financial standing of the spouse that is dependent. The party who earns a greater amount of income may be required to assist the ex-spouse by the court of law. Below are a few pieces of information to keep in mind when it comes to seeking an alimony lawyer in Tampa FL, and just alimony in general.

    Child Support and Alimony Not Always Connected to Divorce
    The majority of alimony deliberations occur during cases involving dissolution of marriage; however, it is also possible to initiate an alimony filing outside of these circumstances. For instance, if one spouse does not appear to be contributing financially to support children or the other spouse, this could be grounds for filing alimony. This method is often used only when the filing of divorce has not taken place. It may be in your best interest to look to an alimony lawyer Tampa FL trusts to handle your potential alimony case.

    Alimony Filing before Dissolution of Marriage Is Official
    If filing of divorce has taken place, and support for the children or the other spouse is necessary prior to the final dissolution of marriage hearing, then a “Motion for Temporary Support and Child Support” could be filed to initiate this process with the court. The kind of alimony lawyer Tampa FL residents deserve can be found at The Mckinney Law Group. Our clients’ interests are our top priority and concern, as we understand issues surrounding alimony can be quite sensitive in nature. Call us for your free consultation today.

    Alimony Modification
    If there are considerable or extensive changes to either party’s circumstance, alimony modifications can be filed. For example, it could be due to a spouse’s ability to make alimony payments. Or, it could be related to the financial situation of the spouse receiving the alimony payments, whether it is an increase or decrease in their income or expenses.

    Supportive relationships are another element regarding modifications to alimony. If a spouse can prove there is a 51% chance or greater of such relationship existing, the court will then uphold that such relationship exists. The court can then choose to either reduce or even eliminate alimony payments.

    Seeking Help from a Tampa Alimony Lawyer
    Damien Mckinney is an alimony lawyer Tampa FL is proud to have representing its community. If you are looking to get your questions answered regarding your potential alimony case or would like to call and schedule a free consultation, please contact The Mckinney Law Group, the type of experienced alimony lawyer Tampa FL residents should look, for at 813-906-0048 today.