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Divorce is emotionally challenging and stressful for all the parties involved but is especially hard on the children. You and your spouse may have decided to divorce, but your children still need and deserve support from both of you now and in the future. When you need to protect your rights and best interests regarding a child support matter or another family law situation such as divorce, alimony, or child custody, you are well-advised to hire a qualified attorney to provide legal counsel and representation. A Tampa, Florida child support lawyer with experience in child support law can help to look out for the best interests of both you and the children. You will likely want to get the best advice possible to build a child support plan that takes into account your needs and provides sufficient support for the kids.

How is child support determined?

Child support is based on the ability of the noncustodial parent to make the payments, as well as the needs of the child. The court typically determines the child support amount based on a set of support guidelines. A child support lawyer in Tampa, FL can help determine what the guidelines are in your situation. 

Important factors that will be taken into account include the living arrangements of the child, the cost of the child’s medical insurance, daycare expenses, and each parent’s income. The court’s child support order will detail what the payments are intended to cover.

When a child support situation is being evaluated, it is essential that you be prepared in every step of the process. Child support preparedness means supplying the necessary documentation, including the following:


  1. Current bank statements
  2. Pay stubs
  3. Tax returns with W2s


The court determines a child support obligation by considering the income of both you and your spouse, plus child support expenses such as:


  1. Special needs of the child or children
  2. Cost of healthcare and life insurance
  3. The standard of living the child or children enjoyed during the marriage
  4. Any debts incurred during the marriage partnership specifically for the benefit of the child or children
  5. Child care or daycare expenses
  6. Basic education costs
  7. Visitation travel costs
  8. Food, shelter, and clothing
  9. Extracurricular activities


What about child support modifications and enforcement?

Sometimes life circumstances change, and child support payments need to be adjusted as well. Keep in mind, your Tampa FL child support lawyer can help you modify your future child support obligations if your personal circumstances change.

Plus, if you are someone who has not been receiving the court-ordered child support, a child support lawyer in Tampa FL can help you go to court to recover missed payments or request an income deduction order from the court for wage garnishment. Furthermore, attorneys can work with child support enforcement authorities to enforce support.

Why should I rely on well-prepared counsel?

Every child support case is unique, as are all circumstances involved with family law. The advice you get from a friend or co-worker is likely not the kind of counsel you need in such a critical family matter. Contact a child support lawyer in Tampa FL for a confidential appointment with an experienced and knowledgeable attorney. Call today.


Child support refers to any financial support regarding the care of child after a dissolution, paternity or an annulment of marriage. Support for a child is given to an obligee, also known as a custodial parent or guardian that is provided by an obligor (a non-custodial parent). The range of expenses for child support are wide and may include, but are not limited to: fees for medical care, school, and extracurricular activities.  



If child support orders need to be modified, files may be sent to the Florida Department of Revenue Child Enforcement Office. It should be noted that child support cannot be declared as un-modifiable; Obligers and obligees have the ability to change child support orders under applicable circumstances.

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