Alimony Lawyer Tampa, FL 

Alimony Lawyer - Tampa, FLIf you are currently seeking a divorce and may be ordered to pay spousal support or if you have already been paying spousal support for some time, you may be curious about how your obligations may change once you retire. The answer to that question depends primarily upon how your spousal support orders are structured. You may be “scheduled” to start paying less at a certain point in time. In addition, specific life events may trigger changes and retirement may provide one of those triggers.

With that said, if your support orders do not explicitly allow for an alteration in payment amount post-retirement, you may have to seek a formal modification of your orders once you stop working, if you believe that your financial situation will change dramatically enough to warrant filing a modification action. If you have questions about this threshold, please speak with your Tampa, FL divorce lawyer about your concerns.

If you receive spousal support, you will likely be able to continue receiving support at your current rate once you retire. However, it may be beneficial to speak with your attorney about any life events that may trigger a reduction in support obligations or may result in grounds for a modification of support on the part of your former spouse. It is certainly possible that the retirement of your former spouse may affect your spousal support payments, even if your retirement likely will not result in such an alteration.

Thinking About Modifications

Every set of spousal support orders is constructed uniquely and is impacted by the evolution of the financial and practical situations former spouses find themselves in over time. If you have yet to construct your spousal support agreement, you and your attorney should take great care to discuss a proposed payment timeline, modification procedures and general conditions affecting that support. If you already have orders in place, you will likely need to file a formal request for modification if your circumstances post-retirement will make it unreasonably burdensome for you to keep paying support at your current rate.

A Tampa, FL alimony lawyer will be able to explain how the modification process works in your jurisdiction. He or she will also be able to explain whether or not your situation may justify a reasonable modification. Please also consider that taking early retirement may not result in the same kind of grounds for modification as retirement at a standard age would, as early retirement is usually viewed as a voluntary event.

Spousal Support Assistance Is Available

If you have questions about spousal support obligations or divorce generally, please consider reaching out to an experienced Tampa, Florida alimony lawyer at The Mckinney Law Group today. The financial transition associated with turning a single household into two households is significant for most couples. Oftentimes, the financial reverberations of this transition tend to impact one’s daily life for years following a divorce. This may be especially true for both young parents and older Americans. For this and many other reasons, it can be helpful to seek guidance from an experienced Tampa, FL alimony lawyer as soon as you have questions about the ways in which a current or completed divorce process may be impacting your financial situation.