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No mask, no child custody. COVID-19 is a new factor in family law.

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted the deep divisions that exist in the United States, and the impact of this national health crisis is trickling down into the courtroom. During this unprecedented time, it’s critical that you work with an experienced Tampa divorce attorney who will guide you through the murky waters of this pandemic. Masks, Social […]

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Air Force Grants 1st Assignment Under New Co-Parenting Accommodation Policy

Divorced parents in the military have long struggled to find a balance between serving their country and being close to their children. Recently, divorced parents serving in the Air Force received great news. Members of the U.S. Air Force can apply to defer their assignments or request a specific location based on their custody agreements. […]

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Staying Connected to Your Kids Via Zoom

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people around the globe to learn how to stay connected while staying apart. Social distancing is challenging in and of itself, but it can be particularly hard for divorced parents. Extenuating circumstances during the pandemic can require divorced parents to stay physically separated from their children for significant lengths of […]

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How to Navigate Virtual Learning and Split Custody

Since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in the late winter months of 2020, divorced couples have had to navigate through unprecedented challenges. As the summer turned to fall, and the virus continued to sweep through communities around the country, many divorced couples realized that they would be co-parenting during a virtual school year. If you […]

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Maintaining a Clear and Rational Mind through the Divorce Process

Divorce is primarily an adversarial process; therefore, it should come as no surprise that there are going to be some bumps along the way. It is important to accept that there are going to be rough days. The trick is learning how to deal with these rough patches so you can maintain your sanity and […]

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Taxes in a Wrongful Death Suit

When you file a wrongful death lawsuit, your goal is to receive money for the damages that you incurred due to the loss of a loved one. Of all lawsuits, this is one of the toughest to fight because it is so emotionally charged. After all, no amount of money is going to make up […]

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Can a Chiropractor Help You After a Truck Accident?

Family Lawyer The types of injuries that you can sustain after a truck accident are serious. In fact, if you do not seek medical care after a truck accident, you may find that your injuries that could have been just temporary are now permanent. Even if you are unsure about whether you sustained injuries or […]

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Knowing When You Have a Personal Injury Case

Personal Injury Lawyer Personal injuries come about when someone has been harmed during an accident caused by another person. This can be straightforward — for example, if a driver runs a red light and hits your car — or more complicated — like you slip and fall on a wet floor in a post office. […]

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Bankruptcy and Personal Property: 4 Questions Answered

Personal Injury Lawyer When debt becomes overwhelming and you can no longer handle your debt, you may consider filing for bankruptcy. This is a serious decision that could affect your finances for the next several years; however, it can also help you reorganize your debt and relieve the stress that often comes with financial trouble. […]

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Coronavirus and Child Custody: How to Co-Parent During a Pandemic

Divorced parents have long faced challenges trying to develop a co-parenting strategy that keeps their kids’ best interests at heart while still accommodating their own personal needs and schedules. In the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, co-parenting has become more difficult than ever before for many divorced parents in Florida and across the country.  Front-Line […]