What You Should Know About Asset Division Pending A Divorce

In Alaska, Arizona, California, Idaho, Louisiana, Nevada, New Mexico, Texas, Washington, and Wisconsin, any asset acquired during a marriage is generally considered to be community property and will be divided equally between both spouses.  A divorce lawyer will also consider an increase in value on any asset, retirement accounts, and so forth. The exception to […]

How Does Collaborative Law Work?

For many people, the word “divorce” conjures up images of a husband and wife waging war against each other. It may also include fighting over who will get custody of the children, the house, and even the family dog. However, divorce does not always have to be so acrimonious, as many couples have found who […]

How a Divorce Lawyers’ Fee Agreement May Work

There are many different kinds of lawyers, and each one might focus on a specific area of the law. There are also general lawyers who have experience with a broad range of legal issues encompassing various practices. When it comes to a divorce, or a family-related legal matters, it may be in your best interest […]

Using Social Media During A Family Legal Dispute

The primary reason why it is so important to be careful while using social media at this time is that your social media use could impact the outcome of your case in numerous ways. Both your private and public social media use may be used as evidence by other parties involved in your case. For […]

Property Division Considerations – The Basics

Florida is not a community property state. As a result, all property acquired during a marriage is *usually*divided equally. However, there are circumstances under which the courts are permitted to deviate from that general rule. If a couple can come to an agreement (with or without negotiating assistance from their attorneys) on property division matters, […]

Equitable Division Standard and Hiding Assets

In general, property division settlements in divorce cases are held to an equitable division standard. This standard holds that, with few exceptions, marital property acquired during the duration of a couple’s marriage must be split equitably when that marriage ends. This is not to say that every asset must be split 50/50. One spouse may […]

Co-Parenting Tips For a Forward-Looking Relationship

Co-Parenting Tips For a Forward-Looking Relationship Nobody wants to be stuck in court forever. After a divorce or custody case is finished, the case should be done, right? Fortunately, a good majority of divorced or separated parents are able to look forward past the divorce or custody battle and become effective co-parents together. Sadly, those […]

How to Select the Right Guardian for Your Children - Father and son

How to Select the Right Guardian for Your Children

Estate Lawyer One of the most important aspects of estate planning is choosing a guardian for your minor children. After all, you want your children to be taken care of should you die suddenly. Being a guardian comes with a lot of responsibility, so you shouldn’t just choose anyone. Here are some tips for selecting […]

Negotiating Child Custody

When parents of children divorce, our family law group in Tampa, FL, will share that not only does this impact couples contending with the end of their relationship, it also has a significant impact on the couple’s children. Children may feel incredibly overwhelmed with this new change, as they will be the ones with the […]

What Happens If Parental Rights Are Terminated By The State?

Florida law says that a child’s birth parents are presumed to be the natural parents, and they have certain rights and responsibilities — unless they opt to waive those rights. There may be limited situations where the courts may step in and terminate a parent’s rights involuntarily. This only happens when a family court judge […]