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What If My Social Security Disability Claim Is Rejected?

Appeals Attorney Tampa FLAfter spending significant time and effort filing for social security disability, it would be incredibly frustrating to receive a letter from the Social Security Administration stating that your claim has been denied. You may think “Well, that’s all I can do. I guess that’s it” and pushed the rejection letter to the side. However, a denial letter is not necessarily the end, particularly with the help of an appeals attorney in Tampa FL from The McKinney Law Group. You will likely have up to sixty days from the date of the rejection letter to file an appeal. This may seem like plenty of time, but time in the legal world is a lot different than in everyday life. It is important that if your claim has been denied, you should contact an experienced Social Security Disability appeals attorney in Tampa FL from our firm without delay. You should provide them with your work history, medical history, income, and any Social Security credits.

The Value of Hiring a Social Security Disability Lawyer

If you have been denied the right to receive disability benefits after submitting a valid claim, consider working with a social security disability appeals attorney in Tampa FL from The McKinney Law Group. A skilled attorney from our firm will prepare you for the hearing date. This can allow you to feel confident about answering the judge’s questions. Their questions may focus on:

  • How your disability impacts your day to day activities.
  • How your disability may prevent you from keeping a job or working daily.
  • How social security disability benefit payments will make a positive difference in your life.

Preparing for Your Appeals Case

While preparing case, your social security disability appeals attorney in Tampa FL will need copies of your medical records including treatments and diagnostic tests, doctor visits, and any other relevant that helps to document your disability or injury. In this way, your attorney can knowledgeably discuss how your condition has affected you.

If your social security disability appeals attorney in Tampa FL is successful in appealing your denial of benefits, you might become eligible to receive retroactive benefits. The amount of retroactive benefits you could receive will depend in large part on when your original claim was denied. Your attorney can review the details of your circumstances and provide you with an estimate of what you can expect to collect.

What to Do While Waiting for an Appeal

Unfortunately, once your appeals attorney in Tampa FL starts the appeals process for social security disability benefits, it is usually a long process. In most scenarios, the hearing date is not scheduled for at least nine to twelve months after the person’s lawyer files the appeal. Because of how long the process takes, you may need to take a part-time job if your condition allows for you to do so. As long as you are not working full-time, it should not have any effect on your eligibility to receive social security disability benefits.

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