McKinney Law Group Visual Arts Scholarship

McKinney Law Group Visual Arts Scholarship

The McKinney Law Group is proud to announce the McKinney Law Group Scholarship for Visual Arts for the 2017-2018 School year.


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What Can You Do If Your Soldier Cuts You Off Financially?

What to do if your military spouse no longer provides financial support for your family.

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Trump’s Executive Order and Its Impact on Tampa Family Law Cases

Trump’s Executive Order on Immigration impacts more than the US border.

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Divorce Calls Increase on Valentine’s Day

Individuals are more inclined to seek legal representation during the holidays.

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Custody of Pets in a Florida Divorce

Do the courts see Fido as “part of the family”?

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How Much of My Paycheck Will Be Garnished for Child Support?

By law, your employer must comply with a child support order to garnish wages. 

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3 Ways a Personal Injury Can Lead to Divorce

Can a personal injury accident really lead to a divorce from the person that you promised to love, honor, and cherish for the rest of your life?

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Jail Time for Unpaid Child Support

If you do not pay your child support, you could end up behind bars. 

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What is a Family Law Financial Affidavit?

Financial affidavits appear to be simple on the surface but can be challenging to understand.

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What is a Court Reporter?

The role of a court reporter is more than the stenographic machine.