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Should Grandparents Have Visitation Rights?

Recent legislation enacts new standards for grandparents rights. 


Can courts consider 401K accounts when determining alimony?

A Florida Court recently held that retirement accounts distributed to parties might be considered income for the purpose of determining alimony.

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Is your timeshare agreement airtight?

A recent case outlines that timesharing agreements must outline all  possible avenues. 

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How to Calculate Child Support when One Parent is Unemployed

If one parent is currently out of a job, child support becomes a difficult to allocate. 

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Unequal Earning Capacity cannot act as the sole basis for an award of unequal distribution

If one spouse does not earn the same as the other, more evidence must be needed in order to award funds. 

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Should I file my divorce first?

It may be a better option for you to file first. 

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Can I get a divorce in Florida?

Divorce depends on your residency. 

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I was just served, what do I do next?

Being handed divorce papers can leave individuals in an uncomfortable position. 

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Paying your child’s college expenses and how it relates to divorce.

Along with alimony and division of property, your child’s pursuit for higher education should be thoroughly discussed. 


Can I modify my permanent alimony when I retire?

Changes to permanent alimonies may not be easily modifiable.