Tampa assets

What process do courts undertake in determining distribution of certificate of deposits (CD), money market, or savings/checking bank accounts?

If your assets are not properly defined as martial or non-martial, you may end up in court again.  


Can a court require maintenance of a life insurance policy as security for alimony?

If your divorce case involves alimony, it is important to understand how your funds are rewarded. 

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Can I take my child’s cellphone away as punishment?

Is denying access to a child’s phone an act of discipline or an act of theft?

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Is Overseas Housing Allowance (OHA) included as income for Child Support payment calculations?

Even if the funds are from the government, these funds play a factor in your child support. 

Tampa assets

Things to Consider if You Divorce after You’re 50

How your retirement and social security are effected.

Tampa military divorce

What is the Ten-Year Rule?

It is vital to understand the Ten-Year Rule and how it impacts your pension. 

Tampa military divorce

Is my military pension a marital asset?

Your pensions may be at risk. 

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Congratulations Damien!

Congratulations to Mr. Damien L. McKinney on being selected for the 2016 Florida Super Lawyers distinction of excellence in practice!

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New GPS Apps Brings Electronic Evidence To The Forefront of Divorces

A recent Supreme Court case suggests that you may want to shy away from these new GPS apps offered through your hand held devices. 

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Can My Child’s Last Name be Changed?

While name changes during dissolution cases can be easily petitioned, name changes for minors require more cause.