Changes In Alimony After A Divorce

Recently, near St. Petersburg, FL, Gov. Ron DeSantis vetoed a Republican-led bill that would have affected the lives of many families in St. Petersburg and all around Florida. This bill, known as SB 1796, set out to retroactively change court-ordered decisions set in place regarding alimony and child custody. This bill would have allowed parents who pay permanent alimony a way out of paying that alimony and would also have stated that the best way to raise children after their parents have divorced was through 50-50 custody of those children. Custody decisions and alimony appointments are not issues that a judge takes lightly when it comes to divorce and while the initial process is traumatizing for the entire family, a bill that ends alimony and attempts to grant 50-50 time-sharing for the children could end up making the situation worse, not better. 

Gov. DeSantis successfully vetoed this bill, which also saved courts from being clogged up with alimony and child custody cases that courts had already completed. Although this bill did not pass, courts in Florida are able to make modifications to alimony at a judge’s discretion. However, this is not the norm and there would need to be considerable changes to allow for this modification. 

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If you are going through a divorce and need the help of a trusted divorce lawyer in St. Petersburg, Florida, know that you can rely on the team from The McKinney Law Group. You may be worried about what kinds of alimony or child custody arrangements your spouse will try to fight for or you may be worried that once everything is set they will try to make changes to this. This is one of the reasons it is so important to have a lawyer you can rely on by your side. On the other hand, you may feel that you have been given unfair child custody arrangements or that there has been a significant life change that should allow you to make changes to your alimony agreement. When this is the case, you want to know that you have a lawyer who can help you to file for these changes and show that there have been substantial enough changes to warrant re-evaluating your alimony. 

Getting a divorce can be complicated and messy. You do not want to have to go through this process alone. Many people who do not work with attorneys during a divorce find that they made certain mistakes that are very hard to change once the divorce is finalized. This is why it is so important to start this process off correctly by working with someone you can trust. While there are certain costs associated with divorce, the costs of making mistakes during the process are even greater. Learn more about how an attorney can help you. If you are ready to move forward, give your local law firm a call now. 

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