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For parents looking to find legal assistance during a divorce or separation, can rely on a child custody attorney at the McKinney Law Group to oversee their case. Going through a divorce from your spouse and deciding what will happen to your children, can be one of the hardest things any parent may go through. Above all other aspects, the court will likely make a decision based on the best interest of the child.

Our Tampa FL law firm is dedicated to protecting children and parents who only want the best for them. We have helped many clients go through some of the most difficult times of their life, and can offer compassionate yet strategic legal support. Each child custody lawyer from our firm will fight for the rights of parents in family matters. Listed below are a few factors to consider while going through the steps of obtaining child custody.

#1 Custody Arrangements

At the beginning of the child custody litigation, it is important for each parent to understand the many options of child custody arrangements. If you and the other parent can work out a parenting plan you both agree on, it means you can each make important decisions on your child’s care and upbringing. In legal terms, this shared custody is often referred to as joint custody. However, if you feel the other parent is unfit to share custody, then you can fight to obtain sole custody, in which you are the primary caregiver.

#2 The Parents or The Court Decides

The final judgment on who will receive custody of the child is up to the court, however, the court will often consider input from both parents. It is possible for both parents to reach an agreement on custody with the help of meetings with attorneys present or through mediation. Depending on the state, divorced parents may be required to first attempt to find a resolution of child custody through mediation before it can be brought to court.

Parents can agree to each obtaining joint custody, in which the children spend a split amount of time living with both parents. Also, with joint custody, they must agree to work together in order to make important life decisions when it comes to the welfare of their children. Parents do have the option of agreeing that one parent should have the children living primarily with him or her, while the other is granted generous amounts of visitation. If the parents are unable to come to an agreement, then a family court judge decides which option is in the best interest of the child.

#3 Appoint an Attorney

Due to the emotionally turbulent nature of family court trials, it is recommended you consult with a child custody lawyer Tampa FL clients recommend from the McKinney Law Group. We can speak up on your behalf during court hearings and offer legal advice throughout the child custody process. Please call us right away so we can start working towards protecting your parental rights and to schedule your first free consultation.