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Child Custody Matters – Even To Tom Brady

There’s good news and bad news for Buccaneers fans: Good news, Tom Brady is going to keep playing. Bad news, Tom Brady’s wife, Gisele Bündchen, is a little less than happy. While Brady heads out for his 23rd season, there are rumors abound that all is not well back home for the star quarterback.

According to Page Six, Gisele Bündchen fled to Costa Rica shortly after hearing the news, fueling rumors that Tom Brady didn’t get his wife’s approval for his spontaneous unretirement. Although it was reported that Brady would spend more time at home with the family, these hopes seem to have been fumbled, much to the chagrin of Bündchen.

Brady and Bündchen have two children, and a combined net worth of around $650 million. While it’s easy to get fixated on the money, it’s important to remember that despite their status as high-rolling celebrities, there’s a very real family drama playing out behind closed doors. When money and children are involved in a divorce, things can turn ugly – and it remains to be seen how the problems at home can affect Brady’s performance.

While the rumors swirl about Brady and Bündchen, reporters are itching for any breaking news about their marriage. Will it fall apart? Will they reconcile? For both their sakes, we can only hope for the best – and learn what not to do when trying to keep your spouse happy.

Child Custody and Your Divorce

You may not be Tom Brady, but if you’re facing a divorce you’ll need all the help you can get – especially if you hope to see your kids as much as possible. Divorces are never as easy as people hope, and when money and kids are caught between two opposing sides, tempers can flare and a potentially amicable divorce can turn incredibly bitter.

When it comes to a divorce, it’s important to do what’s best for your kids. This means coming to an agreement on child custody, and learning all you can about how you can ensure you get as much time helping your kids grow up as possible. While many people assume that in a divorce, one parent will be stuck with child support payments while the other parent gets legal custody of their children, there is an alternative option you and your spouse might want to consider.

Joint custody is an arrangement in which both parents share an equal hand in raising their children after a divorce. While other child custody arrangements mean one parent only gets visitation rights, if a court awards joint custody, both parents will see their children for a (roughly) equal amount of time, and both parents will carry the responsibility of raising their children right.

While it’s an enticing possibility for many soon-to-be-divorced couples, joint custody isn’t awarded without proper scrutiny. Both parents will have to demonstrate that they live close enough together for the arrangement to work out, and both parents will have to demonstrate that they have spent an equal amount of time and effort raising their children.

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