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Does My Child Need a Therapist for Support?

If you are going through a divorce, the first thing you will need to take care of is your children. Not only will you want to make sure that you have a clear custody agreement in place, you will also want to ensure that they are emotionally supported through this significant life change. For a child, the prospect of having scheduled time with each parent can be difficult. It can also be hard for them to understand why you and your partner are no longer continuing your relationship. Enlisting an attorney to help you navigate your child custody negotiations and a therapist to support your child, may be beneficial when moving through the custody process.

Keeping Your Child’s Interests at the Forefront

It can be easy to be swept away in negotiations regarding child custody. While it’s important to always put your child’s needs first, they may become lost in the process. Before a custody agreement may be adopted by the courts, it must first be reviewed by a judge. They will look to ensure that the agreement you and your ex have drafted is in the best interest of the child. Here are some tips for keeping your child’s interests and needs at the forefront of negotiations and drafted agreements:

  • Listen to your child and take what they are saying very seriously. Sometimes a child may be very verbal around their well being.
  • If your child is seeing a therapist, it may be a good idea to speak with them. They will be able to share with you your child’s interests and make therapeutic recommendations that will support them during this painful time.
  • Be open to hearing what your ex has to say. Even if it is difficult for the two of you to get along, listening to one another is important when coming up with a custody plan. This can help to ensure that you are both satisfied when all is said and done.
  • Do not come up with an agreement that is unrealistic for your child.
  • Remember the importance of your child having a relationship with both of their parents.

An attorney can be helpful not only during negotiations but when it comes to ensuring that the agreement you come up with is one that the courts will approve.

Therapy for Children

For a grown adult, enduring child custody battles and divorce can be emotionally draining. For a child, the process can have a significant impact. This is especially true because they have not always developed the coping mechanisms that an adult may be equipped with. The following are benefits to obtaining a therapist for your child:

  • Gives children the opportunity to discuss their feelings with someone other than a parent or family member.
  • A therapist who can clinically weigh in around how your child may best be supported during the divorce and custody process.
  • May make recommendations surrounding ways your child copes. A therapist can reinforce the voice of your child during custody agreements so that it does not get lost in the shuffle.

If you are in the midst of custody agreements, and suspect that your child may need the support of a therapist, your attorney may be able to recommend a professional who can help.

By accessing a family lawyer Bloomington, IL trusts, you will be able to get a clear picture of the road that may lie ahead. Not only will can represent in your case, they may also be able to make recommendations that ensure your child is doing okay during the process. A therapist may prove to be invaluable to your child during such a difficult time.

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