Child Support Lawyer Tampa FLGoing through a divorce is difficult enough in itself; when child support matters further complicate the situation, it’s important that you find a child support lawyer Tampa FL families trust to assist you.

At The McKinney Law Group, we pride ourselves in offering area families the emotional support and legal expertise they need to navigate child support. No matter what nature of child support case you’re dealing with, working with a Tampa child support lawyer from our firm can do their best to help you find the most peaceable outcome for everyone.

An Overview of Child Support Law in Florida

When you start working with a child support lawyer Tampa FL recommends, he or she can first explain that child support is determined during divorce proceedings. During those proceedings, the court can order a parent who has a duty to support his or her child to pay child support per the Florida Child Support Guidelines. Both parents’ incomes, as well as expenses such as daycare, after-school care, and health insurance, are taken into consideration when child support amounts are calculated.

While, according to Florida state law, the obligation to provide support for children falls upon both parents after a divorce, it does not always do so equally. Any specific arrangement for child support is essentially intended to meet the child or children’s needs in the best way possible. A knowledgeable child support lawyer in Tampa FL can provide you with further details on state law regarding child support, which can also be found in Florida Statute section 61.30.


Child support is provided in order to give children the most stable possible living situation after a divorce. As such, the initial arrangement does not always continue in the same manner in which it began, due to changes such as in employment and income. Modifications may be necessary to ensure the child support is working as intended.

Having a child support lawyer Tampa FL clients trust is crucial when it comes to working through such modifications. Because all modifications must go through the court system, your lawyer can help you by determining what your needs are, drafting a request for modification, and submitting that request to the courts to be approved.


At times, unfortunately, legal action may be required for you to receive the child support that your child needs. In this difficult situation, there are a few strategies that can be used to ensure that child support is enforced. A skilled child support lawyer Tampa FL knows for helping families might request that the court take one of the following actions:

  • Wage garnishment;
  • Account freezes;
  • Real estate liens; and
  • License suspension.

Of course, there are additional strategies that can be used; consulting with an attorney can help you determine what the best path forward may be.

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