Family law Tampa

family law Tampa

As the coronavirus issue continues, a Coronavirus Family Lawyer Tampa Florida residents trust at The McKinney Law Group understands that many families may be in need of a lawyer during this time. Tensions are likely to build, and perhaps both spouses realize that parting ways is the best thing for both of them. Or, maybe one spouse knows it in their gut that it’s time to separate and the other is struggling with this news. Whatever the situation may be, it can help to have a legal professional offering support and guidance amidst a turbulent time. 

To get preparations going in regards to your divorce, we may suggest doing the following: 

Being Careful of What You Put in Writing

Text messages, emails, and notes or letters to your spouse may eventually be used during your divorce settlement negotiations. If you use profanity or threatening language, this can work against you. We suggest trying to be as amiable as possible, permitting that your safety is not in danger. We are aware that COVID-19 quarantine has contributed to an increase of not only divorce filings, but domestic violence too, and are here to help you if your safety is in jeopardy. All in all, if you do make agreements between you and your spouse, wait until a mediation session or litigation to officially put it in writing. 

Set Aside Money and Apply For Credit if Needed

Some divorces can be quite hostile and vengeful. It is important to set aside some cash flow just for yourself, aside from your spouse. If your spouse earns most or all of the money between you two, then you may want to consider opening up a credit card so you have access to funds when needed. If you don’t have the best credit score, a Florida Coronavirus Family Lawyer in Tampa can help you find resources that will approve you for a credit line. 

Use a Calendar to Mark Incidents

Many lawyers operate with the idea that unless there is a date, then there is no evidence. If your divorce is going to include child custody matters, it is imperative that you document both positive and negative incidents between you and your spouse. Write down a list of which parent brought your child to appointments, school, activities, etc. This type of evidence can help show that you have been the primary caregiver, and want to pursue custody during the divorce settlement. 

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Our law firm is dedicated to providing assistance for family-related matters, including divorce, child custody, alimony, child support, and more. We can empathize with the fact that COVID-19 has impacted families in so many ways, and we are prepared to jump right in and offer support. Call The McKinney Law Group to speak with a compassionate Tampa Family Lawyer today.