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Tampa Divorce Attorney

Tampa Divorce Attorney

Highly contested divorces make headlines because they can be dramatic for a variety of reasons. Uncontested divorces, in which both spouses are able to agree on the terms of their divorce settlement without judicial oversight, rarely make headlines. Agreeable divorces aren’t dramatic and they don’t sell papers. However, they’re very common, even if they aren’t highly visible to the public. If you and your spouse have decided to go your separate ways and you want to divorce quickly, efficiently, and with a minimum of judicial oversight, know that an uncontested divorce process may meet your needs. This approach may be particularly attractive for those divorcing before the Covid-19 pandemic has been brought under better control. By working with a Coronavirus uncontested divorce lawyer Tampa, FL residents trust, you’ll be empowered to divorce efficiently, while ensuring that an experienced member of The McKinney Law Group team is looking out for your interests.

Why Uncontested Divorces Are Resolved So Quickly

The most time-intensive part of the divorce process is negotiating the terms of a divorce settlement agreement. It is safe to say that most spouses work with their attorneys on negotiation for a fairly extended period of time. If the two parties can’t come to an agreement through mediation, attorney-led negotiation, or discussion between themselves, the contested process will be placed in front of a judge. At that time, a judge will decide the terms of the former couple’s property settlement (and child custody and support orders, if applicable). The sooner spouses can agree on the terms of their divorce settlement, the quicker the case can be resolved.

Some people define an uncontested divorce as any process that does not require judicial intervention. For example, if you work with our Tampa, FL Coronavirus uncontested divorce lawyer team to negotiate a settlement over the course of a few months but ultimately don’t need a judge to make any decisions related to the terms of your settlement, that could be an uncontested process because the settlement was negotiated without judicial interference. Others use the term “uncontested divorce” to mean a process in which spouses agree on all terms from the start, have a minimal amount of property to divide, have only been together for a short period of time, and share no children. Our firm can help you with either approach. Should your divorce become a matter you need to contest, we can help you with that too.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you believe that you and your spouse are in a position to avoid a lengthy court battle over the terms of your divorce settlement (and child custody order, if applicable), please schedule a consultation with a Tampa, FL Coronavirus uncontested divorce lawyer today so that our team can begin working on your case. Whether you already have the terms of your divorce settlement outlined or you need assistance with creating fair and agreeable settlement terms, our Tampa, FL Coronavirus uncontested divorce lawyer team can help. We take great pride in efficiently settling divorce matters on behalf of our clients while maintaining a compassionate and knowledgeable approach. We look forward to speaking with you.