Tampa divorce lawyer

Tampa divorce lawyer

At The McKinney Law Group, a COVID-19 quarantine Divorce Lawyer Tampa Florida families can depend on, has seen the way that the coronavirus has kept families cooped up in their homes for months and months on end. This quarantine has contributed to an increase in divorce filings. The team at our law firm understands that this year has caused perhaps more stress than ever before, and we are here to support you as you change directions and seek a new path. 

Starting Early on Mediation or Litigation

If you and your spouse are ready to part ways, then we suggest getting started early with mediation or litigation. Divorce mediation can be a great option for couples who can tolerate each other and still hold a decent conversation without hostility. A mediator focuses on reducing conflict, helping the couple overcome negative feelings, and then hopefully arriving at a resolution about the terms of the divorce. The role of a mediator is to help each spouse create boundaries during the divorce process, while building the foundation for a more positive relationship post-divorce. 

Mediators are not therapists, but they are trained professionals who can use strategies to de-escalate tension and guide the couple to work cooperatively with one another. Essentially, mediation can provide locked down spouses with the chance to start agreeing upon divorce terms. Your COVID-19 quarantine Divorce Lawyer in Tampa, FL can get you prepared for mediation sessions so they can go as smoothly as possible. 

Preparing For Divorce Amid COVID-19

As your lawyer may talk with you about over the phone or through video conference, there are steps you can take now to prepare for divorce during quarantine. Here are a few tips to consider as you get ready for the divorce process: 

  • Secure Passwords on Your Devices: with tension potentially building even more as you and your spouse get geared up for divorce, it may be tempting to snoop in each other’s devices to see what kind of secrets may be lurking. However, this is highly disadvantageous and can make matters worse. Secure your devices by changing old passwords and not adding password “hints.”
  • Gather and Keep Safe Financial Documents: being stuck in quarantine probably gives you ample time to focus on gathering financial documents that can be useful in your divorce. For example, important paperwork to gather include copies of tax returns, retirement accounts, credit card statements, bank statements, and any other document that has financial information on it.
  • Be Wary of Your Communication: you may be feeling very intense emotions right now, and you may be tempted to vent at your spouse. Be wary of what you put in writing, such as text messages, emails, and hand-written notes. Try your best to refrain from vulgar and threatening language, as this may work against you during divorce finalization.

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