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Determining Parenting Time For Your Kids

Determining Parenting Time For Your Kids

If you are going through a divorce and you have children, it is likely you have come across the phrase “Parenting Time Plan” before. As you try to create the best custody arrangement for your family, you know this can be especially difficult when you are trying to juggle everyone’s feelings, their schedules, and what is truly best for your children. It is especially helpful in this situation to have a lawyer by your side so they can guide you through the laws in your state and keep you on track when you inevitably get lost in the details. The most important part of the custody arrangement will be making sure your children have what they need in an unideal situation. A lawyer can make sure everything is in place so that your kids are able to thrive moving forward. 


Creating a Parenting Plan

It may seem like something so basic it couldn’t work, but creating a parenting plan is one of the best things you can do for your divorce when you have children together. However, once you start thinking about the parenting plan, you may get so focused on everyone’s schedules and the details that go into it that the entire task can seem daunting. Your Tampa, FL family lawyer knows that it can be helpful to understand what requirements Florida asks of you for the parenting plan. Included in your plan, you will need:

  • The ways that you, your soon-to-be ex-spouse, and your children will all communicate. Be detailed. If you will not communicate through email or there are certain times of day you may not be able to be reached, it is good to make note of it. 
  • A schedule for who will care for your children at certain times. 
  • How your kids will be raised regarding religion, medical care, education, and other aspects that are important to their well-being. 
  • What kind of tasks will be expected of each parent when it comes to raising the children. 


While Florida has a standard plan in place that parents can look to (which may be helpful if you are having a difficult time agreeing on anything during this process), your lawyer from The McKinney Law Group knows that if both parents can agree on a schedule, it will not only make it easier for everyone to follow but will yield a better outcome for everyone involved in the plan. Any plan that is standard will not take your child’s best interests to heart and will not be customized to what you and your family need. 


Consider What Is Best For Your Kids

If possible, going through mediation during the divorce process may make it easier for both parents to come together in a space and agree on what kind of parent plan works best for their family. If you find that you are going through a difficult divorce and creating a parenting plan will be a challenge, speak with your lawyer to learn what options you have. Call your lawyer for more information regarding parenting plans today.