Fathers’ Right Lawyer Tampa, FL Fathers' Right Lawyer Tampa, FL

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When you are facing difficult legal challenges, it is important to have a legal advocate on your side to help you make sound, reasonable decisions. Whether you case is straightforward or complex, professional, legal representation can help you to find a solution to your needs. To speak with a fathers’ rights lawyer in Tampa, FL call  The McKinney Law Group now. 

Keeping Children and Fathers Together

As a Tampa, FL fathers’ rights lawyer,  The McKinney Law Group commonly works with divorced clients who feel like they are more akin to a visitor in their children’s lives rather than a role model. This is especially true when the mother has been given full custody and the father visitation rights; such as, two weekends, or just four days, a month. These fathers are left wondering what they did wrong and how they might be able to gain more time with their own children. If you feel like you have became a secondary parent, it’s time to ask yourself “What can I do right now to change the situation?” 

To learn about your legal rights as a father, call a fathers’ rights lawyer in Tampa, FL  at  The McKinney Law Group.

You Have Rights

As a fathers’ rights law firm, we help fathers who have been given very little custody, or are being denied custody of their children. We believe in Constitutional Rights as well as Federal and state laws that call for equal, gender-neutral treatment of parents in any child custody cases. We are ready to stand up for your fathers’ rights and also the wellbeing of your children. Some legal issues we have helped fathers with include, but are not limited to:


  • Child custody
  • Visitation
  • Child support
  • Removals
  • Restraining orders
  • Modifications


We know how difficult these types of legal issues can be for you and your children, and sympathize with what you may be going through. Rest assured, as a fathers’ rights and child custody lawyer Tampa, FL families trust, we will do our best to uphold your rights and pursue the best possible outcome. 

Tips on Defending Your Fathers’ Rights

It is our goal to prevent any reduction of your parental rights, time with your children, and ability to make important decisions regarding education, healthcare, and personal beliefs. Before you begin a legal fathers’ rights case, you should understand:


  • A judge may be more inclined to award joint custody when you demonstrate your commitment to your children and desire to be with them.
  • This demonstration is best done prior to a ruling. 
  • If the child abruptly does not want to see you, it is possible that he or she is being influenced by the other parent. This is called parental alienation. If you believe this is happening, please call a fathers’ rights lawyer in Tampa, FL  as soon as possible. 
  • Avoid any confrontation with your ex spouse, especially if there is already tension between the two of you. 


Start Protecting Your Fathers’ Rights NOW

If you believe your ex spouse is going to take your children out of state, fabricate allegations of abuse, or deny you of your court ordered visitation, you should call a fathers’ rights lawyer in Tampa, FL immediately. We will be there to help you assert your rights as a father and dispute any allegations. Act now. Call a fathers’ rights lawyer from  The McKinney Law Group.