How to find a child support lawyer in Tampa FL?You may be asking yourself how to find a child support lawyer in Tampa FL? In Tampa, Florida, both parents must legally pay child support, even if they no longer have a relationship with one another. The amount of financial obligation for each parent is determined by the Florida Child Support Guidelines. An important factor to note is that the formula used in the calculation of child support is based on the assumption that the income and other financial information that each parent provides is accurate.

After the child support amount is finalized, it’s possible that life events can change one or both parent’s ability to financially contribute child support. If you are currently in this or a similar situation, you may be searching for an answer to this dilemma: How to find a child support lawyer in Tampa FL?

A Tampa child support lawyer can help you calculate your current ability to fulfill your monthly child support payment obligation by using a number of determining factors, such as the following:

  • Expenses of daycare
  • Medical needs of the child, such as insurance and medical visit copays
  • Tutor costs
  • Extracurricular activity fees and sports equipment costs
  • Monthly food costs
  • Clothing costs for the child
  • School and tutor costs
  • The individual income of each parent
  • The sleep and stay over schedule of the child with each parent, and the total amount of time spend with each parent, including holidays and summer vacation

All of these factors can significantly impact your case, which is why it may be in your best interest to contact a child support lawyer Tampa FL residents trust for legal guidance.

Are you still asking how to find a child support lawyer in Tampa FL?

There are certain instances in which living situations change – a couple separates and one person moves out, for example. These types of changes can create a ripple effect and often impacts each person’s financial situation, living arrangement, and may even add maintenance costs and utility bills to a person’s monthly expenses. This transitional time can be quite stressful and tough, and it may be difficult to accurately predict your monthly net income on a consistent basis. Attorneys at The McKinney Law Group can be there for you to fight for your rights to ensure your monthly financial child support obligations are fair, just, and reasonable.

You may also be having trouble collecting child support, and may be asking yourself how to find a child support lawyer in Tampa FL? As the legal process can be quite challenging and complex, it may be beneficial to have an advocate on your side who you can trust with your case and sensitive information. Our attorneys at The McKinney Law Group understand the significance of family support and fulfilling the requirements of child support. We also realize that a parent who is caring and responsible may need legal advice and help protecting their rights. Call us to schedule your free consultation today at 813-906-0048 so you no longer have to ask yourself the following question: How to find a child support lawyer in Tampa FL?