Florida Default Divorce Lawyer During Coronavirus

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family law Tampa

Most of the time, when one spouse declares that they want a divorce, the other spouse faces that reality head-on. They hire an attorney, they take steps to ensure that they receive a fair divorce settlement, and they otherwise begin building the next chapter of their life – as challenging as that may be. However, there are times when, for whatever reason, the spouse who has received notice that the other has filed for divorce fails to respond to the papers they have been served. If the spouse on the “receiving end” of divorce papers fails to respond to that legal action within a specific period of time, a default divorce decree may be entered in favor of the party that drew up those divorce papers in the first place.

If you either are wondering what to do about a spouse who isn’t responding to divorce papers or you’re hesitant to respond to divorce papers that you’ve been served, it’s important to speak with the team at The McKinney Law Group today. Default divorce is serious business and shouldn’t be approached lightly, no matter which “end” of the spectrum your personal situation falls on. It’s also more important than ever to act quickly because the Covid-19 pandemic has, in many ways, slowed down some ordinary legal processes. To better ensure that your rights are protected and that your options remain open, speak with a Florida default divorce lawyer during coronavirus – don’t wait, or your divorce settlement could be decided without your input.

What You Should Know About Default Divorce

The legal system only gives individuals so much time to respond to legal action. Otherwise, individuals could put off responding to legal action for as long as they pleased, which would be chaos. As a result, when divorce papers have been filed by one spouse, the other spouse only has a specific amount of time to respond. If they don’t respond, whatever divorce settlement terms have been proposed by the first spouse may be entered as a default divorce judgement against the spouse that has failed to respond. This is why you’ll need to speak with a Florida default divorce lawyer during coronavirus instead of waiting until the pandemic resolves if you’ve either been served with papers and are running out of time or you’ve served your spouse with papers and have heard nothing in response.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you’re either in a position to benefit from a default divorce judgment or you’re concerned that if you don’t act quickly one will be entered against your interests, please connect with our Florida default divorce lawyer during coronavirus – don’t wait. It can be tempting to put off dealing with your divorce situation until after the pandemic starts to resolve more fully, but it’s important to act now. By scheduling a consultation with a Florida default divorce lawyer during coronavirus, you’ll better ensure that your rights remain protected and your options remain open. We look forward to learning more about your situation and more about how we can be of service to you at this time.