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Why Hire a Moving Company Post Divorce

Let’s say you or your spouse filed for divorce, and now after a long and grueling process you have to get the remaining items out of the home you shared together. You may have already gone through your share of belongings and tagged your things with a colored sticker or post-it note. The final stress of having to actually go in there and haul everything out yourself may seem incredibly daunting.

Depending on the post divorce dynamic you have with your spouse, he or she may not be of any help. Here we have gone over the reasons why hiring professionals to move your things may be the best investment you ever made, and more tips on how to make this process go a little more easier on you.

Hiring Movers Can Alleviate Stress

Going through a divorce can be painful and distressing enough. You may not have much energy to haul your belongings out all by yourself. In order to be safe, moving should never really be done alone. It takes a team, like movers  relies on, to move furniture, big art pieces, frames, dozens of boxes and wonky sized items. While you focus on other details of the move and getting your new home prepared for your arrival, movers, can professionally and safely relocate your items for you.

Moving companies can provide tools and equipment to effectively haul large items like appliances and dressers. It may be a great investment of your mental and emotional well being to pay other people to carry your things out, instead of you.

Keep Marital Keepsakes, for Now

During this move, you may be tempted to toss anything and everything associated with the marriage of your former spouse. Try to refrain from doing this until you have let your emotions settle down. Right now may be a very turbulent time and friction can be high immediately following divorce.

Place all marital photos, mementos and treasures into a labelled box. There may come a time when you have healed and no longer view your former spouse or your relationship with resentments. If you have children together, you may want to eventually share these memories with them, since they were a part of that period in your life too.

Make Your New Home a Place of Tranquility

If you have not picked your new home yet, choose a destination that offers the kind of community you are looking for. Do you like living near the water? Are your neighbors friendly, and are some of your favorite shops nearby? Is it close to a party town where there may be lots of late night music? Consider these questions before signing on the dotted line of your new home. Where you move next should feel like a safe refuge that encourages healing, not a lack of sleep due to college kids partying next door. Enjoy decorating and design your new home with colors and themes that provide you with a sense of calmness and relaxation.