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How to Make a Child Comfortable in Two Homes

After a divorce, one party typically stays in the family home and the other party moves to a different house. This transition can be quite difficult for the children. They may have trouble adjusting to the new changes and feel confused and scared at times.

Our family attorneys In Tampa FL from The McKinney Law Group are very familiar with this scenario. To this end, we have some suggestions that may help your child feel comfortable in two homes.

Make the New Place Familiar

If the new home is completely different from the old home, it can make a child feel overwhelmed. It can be helpful to put some familiar belongings in the new house like your child’s furniture or drawings they have made. If you have traditionally kept some of their drawings on the fridge, do the same at the new home. The more familiar things you have in both places, the better your child may feel. Our family attorneys in Tampa FL from The McKinney Law Group can also assist you with child custody arrangements if you have not already worked those out with your ex spouse.

Simplify the Packing Process

Packing and unpacking belongings for trips between homes can add stress and take up a lot of time. To make things a little easier, leave certain items in both homes at all times such as clothes, toothbrushes, and toys. That way, you and your child will have much less to pack each time.

Let Your Child Help Decorate the New Home

Another way to help your child feel more comfortable in the new home is let him or her help decorate it. Your child can choose what color to paint their room, what pictures to hang up, and how to decorate this or that. They may have a lot of fun breaking in the new home and spending time with you in the process.

Have the Same Rules at Both Homes

To keep things consistent, be sure to have the same rules in both homes. For example, if one parent allows a child to stay up late while the other one enforces a strict bedtime, it can be confusing for the child. It can also place one parent (unfairly) in the “mean parent” role. By having the same rules at each home, you are showing your child that you and your ex-spouse still parent as a team. When necessary, our family attorneys in Tampa FL from The McKinney Law Group can make a formal agreement between you and your ex that spells out these rules and leaves little room for confusion.

Perform the Same Routines

It may take some time for your child to fully adjust going from home to home. One way you can ease their nerves is to have a routine when they first arrive at your house. For instance, the two of you could read a book or go for a walk. For many people, children included, a routine can have a calming effect.

Don’t feel discouraged if it takes your child a little while to fully adjust to the new home. A divorce can be quite traumatic for a young child. If you have any questions about matters relating to divorce or child custody, we encourage you to consult with the family attorneys Tampa FL turns to from The McKinney Law Group.