Family law Tampa

family law Tampa

As a Mediations Lawyer Tampa Florida clients can depend on at The McKinney Law Group may tell you, we suggest considering whether you could benefit from hiring a lawyer for your divorce mediation. While it may not be required to have a lawyer for divorce mediation, there are many ways they can offer support and guidance. One of the main benefits of hiring a lawyer is that you have a legal professional watching out for your best interest during negotiations. A lawyer can get to know you and what your ideal outcome would be in the divorce, and then strategize on how to make that happen for you. 

Uncoupling Amicably

Spouses who can tolerate each other enough to have a discussion, may agree to attend mediation to settle their divorce terms instead of going to court. This option can be more cost-effective, as court does come along with fees. Another reason why two divorcing spouses may prefer mediation is so that they both have a say in the outcome. If they were to go to court, the judge would have the final say and there is no control in what the ultimate verdict is.

The lawyers at our law office may be the first to suggest mediation for spouse’s who have the common goal of an amicable uncoupling. At the very least, the couple should be open to working together to dissolve their marriage. It helps too if the divorcing spouses can remain respectful and fair during the negotiations. 

What Mediation Entails

Mediation is when a mediator helps both spouses reach a divorce agreement that the couple can both accept. The mediator is a professional who is unbiased and impartial, and guides the couple through a conversation that makes it easier for them to resolve the dispute amongst themselves. It is important to note that a mediator does not make the final decision. Instead, an agreement can only be achieved if both parties agree. A mediator will not force you into a resolution or make you agree to anything in particular. Mediation can encourage a solution to come to fruition that may not have otherwise.

Your FL Mediations Lawyer in Tampa can help you get prepared for mediation, including walking you through how the session will go and what documents to bring with you. If your husband or wife was abusive during your marriage and you are concerned about your safety, please inform your lawyer at The McKinney Law Group, so we can take certain actions to protect you from harm. Depending on the situation, we may advise going to court instead of mediation so you do not put your wellness at risk. 

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