“Damien? Yes.

When I first met him, and briefed him on my situation, he told me it would be pretty routine, but having never gone thru a divorce the whole experience was daunting to me. He patiently walked me thru it from initial motion for dissolution to the final judgement. He was professional and did I mention patient? (Divorce is an emotional experience, so he was kind and really compassionate to stay on the phone with me when I had … “moments”.)

The whole thing took less than a year. He helped me sort thru all the legal language so that I could understand what exactly was going on and more prudently decide on the best courses of action. His recommendations were sensitive to my specific situation, which gave me a sense of real trust. He defines ‘integrity’ (which I’ve discovered is rare with family attorneys). Simply, I realized how lucky I was to be represented by him. (Damien won’t give you false hope in trying to talk you into spending more money.)

Damien’s edge is his integrity. He lives it every day from casual conversation to formal court room proceedings. My judge in Hillsborough County had obviously seen him at work prior to my case and I was surprised (shocked really) to witness that Judge actually “trust” my attorney’s judgement when recommending courses of action on specific elements of our proceedings, while at the same time obviously “not trusting” council of the opposition. (Just try to picture that. Hard to contain my smile in court.)

I would say that it was his reputation which won the case. I also know now where the term, “powerful attorney” originates. He’s there, but is humble all the way to the finish. No flashy this or that (certainly no tasteless TV ads) — he just puts his head down and executes his objectives. He made it happen for me.

Damien is also a master of case law (in my opinion.) You should have seen him quietly demonstrate the invalidity of various Motions from the opposition, based on previously tried cases. It was satisfying to see the Judge dismiss their “iron clad”, but ultimately frivolous Motions (separate from the main case.)

His conduct in court is nothing short of artistic. When in front of a judge, he walks gently but with a big stick. He is by nature a humble, gentleman and in court he speaks softly but his words hold mountainous gravitas. Only weak causes require strong words and sharp tone — and because he does his homework and comes to court prepared, he left the “performing” up to his opposing council. (That in itself was entertaining, when the judge repeated asked the opposing council to tone it down while my attorney garnered only respect.) Damien’s overall demeanor helped my case in so many unmeasurable ways. I could see the judge respected Damien’s good lawyering.

Overall too, I never got the sense that he was stringing me along to make more money from me as I witness my ex-wife’s lawyer doing to her — praying on her emotions to get to her pocketbook.

He never loses sight of my interests, and for me, remained very fair in the big picture. I mean, he isn’t a snake like some of these guys. (That’s something I witnessed in the opposition’s council. The judge could see thru it too — again, Damien’s integrity is his power.)

My objectives to divorce were achieved, the child visitation schedule instilled in a way that was beneficial to my kid. He orchestrated it like a classic music symphony — and finished it like a chess match. The opposition didn’t even realize they got the lower end of the deal, until after the mallet fell. (They did appeal, but that appeal didn’t get them anywhere as their appeal held no water and they dismissed it after some skillful negotiation by Damien.)

I never want to go thru a divorce again, but God-forbid if that day ever came, I know who’d I call.

Client Review via Avvo.com

“Damien handled my divorce and made it pain free. He is efficient and respected my time as a professional. He was always available when needed and understood the difficulties related to a divorce. He was sympathetic when needed but strong on the items that were important to me. Damien was an integral part of my divorce.”

Client Review via Avvo.com

“Damien represented me in a difficult supplemental petition to modify alimony and child support proceeding I initiated due to a substantial change in circumstances. The case was made more difficult by my somewhat complicated finances and my extremely difficult ex. At trial, he was professional, prepared, and confident. His (and his team’s) preparation showed in his carefully tailored examination of the witnesses and succinct arguments. He obtained an excellent outcome for me; not everything I wanted, but the lion’s share.

As an attorney myself, I have already twice paid him the highest compliment I know: I have referred clients to him.”

Client Review via Avvo.com

“Mr. McKinney was able to secure very generous alimony. He continued to work for me to ensure that I was well represented during our final hearing, even though I was living in another state. Fantastic lawyer and will advise you honestly and promptly.”

Client Review via Avvo.com

Damien was always available and had great advice. He was specific in what he needed from me which really helped as I had never been divorced before. He made the process understandable and gave me the feeling that he was very in tuned with the whole process. He was able to plan for a myriad of possibilities and best choose, with great accuracy, what the opposing counsel may do. I would hire him again and again. Not a bad idea to keep him on retainer.”

Client Review via Avvo.com

“I was in the middle of a tough divorce and my previous attorney was taking it nowhere. My previous attorney was letting the other attorney stall any effort or attempt to move forward to end. I had a pre-divorce agreement with my ex and it was supposed to be uncontested/easy. To try and make things as easy for my ex as possible, I had agreed to pay all attorney fees for my ex in the pre-divorce agreement. However, all that did was encourage my ex and her attorney to contest anything and everything. My previous attorney said there was nothing he could do to end the divorce until my ex agreed to a final MSA. After a year and a half of watching my ex rack up attorney fees and going no where, I began looking at other attorney’s.

I choose Damien because during my paid consultation with him he had reviewed the status, understood what needed to be done and we agreed on a plan to end the divorce as quickly as possible. He professionally but aggressively put pressure on my ex’s attorney to finalize. I’m still not 100% sure how Damien did it but 4 months later my divorce was finalized uncontested and I didn’t have to give away an arm and leg like my previous attorney kept recommending.

Damien was easy to work with, responsive and did what he said he would. Thank you Damien for stopping the fees being racked up by my ex and getting my divorce finalized quickly.”

Client Review via Avvo.com

“Mr. McKinney was referred to me by a friend. I went in for a free consultation with questions about a divorce. I felt comfortable right away. He was soft spoken and very professional. I had consulted a few other attorneys but felt more comfortable with Mr. McKinney. He never once pressured me into hiring him. I hired him a few weeks later to proceed with my divorce. He and his assistant was very patient and understanding as I had lots of questions. Mr. McKinney was right on the money with his advice. Trust was an issue for me and I trusted him. Divorce is such an emotional time and he seemed to understand that. We went through mediation together and advised me on what to do and he got me what I wanted in the end. I would definitely rehire him.”

Client Review via Avvo.com


“I am pleased to endorse this lawyer. I have known Mr. McKinney since 2010 and have consulted with him on multiple family law matters in my own practice. He is as knowledgeable as he is capable.”

David Veenstra, Family Attorney

““I have been opposing counsel against Mr. McKinney and mediator numerous cases for him and his clients. He has always been prepared and professional. He does an excellent job preparing his client and explaining complex legal issues in a manner his client can understand.””

Seth Nelson, Divorce Attorney

““Mr. McKinney has successfully represented many of my clients with sensitive family law matters. Whenever I have a client with any family law issues, Mr. McKinney is the first person that I call.””

Benjamin Stechschulte, Criminal Defense Attorney

“I endorse Attorney Damien McKinney. As a fellow Family Law attorney, I can attest to his knowledge of the law, ethical standards, trial skills, and superior level of professionalism. I highly recommend Attorney McKinney.”

Regina Hunter, Child Custody Attorney

“Damien McKinney would be a fine choice if you are looking for an attorney to handle your divorce, child custody, child support, alimony or other family law matter. I have known Damien for over a decade, and have referred very close friends to him. With each case I have referred, he has proven to be wise, effective, strategic, and successful. He is also empathetic. Damien communicates clearly with his clients and is honest and realistic with clients about what to expect during the process. I would highly recommend him! You’d be in great hands.”

Katherine Neal, Personal Injury Attorney

““Mr. McKinney is an A+ family law attorney who cares about his clients and reaching the best outcome in every situation. I do not hesitate to send him clients because I know he represents every client zealously. He is smart and can be aggressive when necessary. His clients are lucky to have him as their advocate.””

Alyson Marie George, Personal Injury Attorney

“I would (and do) recommend Damien and the McKinney Law Group for family law needs in Tampa Bay. Damien is experienced, knowledgeable, and ethical. He would be an invaluable counselor and advisor to work with.”

Amanda Singleton, Attorney


““Damien represented me while going through a divorce. He was extremely knowledgeable and professional. He made a very difficult experience seem extremely easy by walking me through the process and handling all of the details and involving me only in what needed my immediate attention. His advice was always well thought out and had my best interests in mind. I would recommend his services to anyone.””

Client Review

““I refer my clients, friends, and family to Mr. McKinney because he is an incredibly knowledgable and zealous family law attorney. I highly recommend Mr. McKinney for anyone who has a family law issue and needs an excellent lawyer on their side.””

Client Review

““Damien is a consummate professional and a first rate attorney. He has provided my clients outstanding family law counsel and is a valued resource. I will continue to refer clients, friends, and colleagues knowing they are in good hands.””

Client Review

““Outstanding representation and professionalism. Damien and his team stand out with tremendous dedication to their craft. I would absolutely recommend and will use again!””

Client Review

““I have referred several friends and colleagues to Damien. He always handles his cases with professionalism and care and his staff is wonderful to work with.””

Client Review

““Damien and his staff are very compassionate and show a genuine concern for their clients. The McKinney law firm exceeded all of my expectations at all points of contact.””

Client Review

““The McKinney law firm assisted a family member of mine in a divorce. The firm was extremely knowledgeable and treated myself and family wonderfully. I highly recommend the McKinney Law Firm.””

Client Review

““My experience with the McKinney Law Firm was impeccable. Damien and his associates provided the highest level of service, and met all of my expectations from day one.””

Client Review

““I have referred a couple friends to this law firm. He and his staff are very professional. Also they help set proper expectations and deliver expert counsel specifically in child custody and alimony.””

Client Review

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