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Prenup Says No Eating Pizza and No Skipping the Gym?!

No eating pizza might sound like a strange thing to put into a prenup, but for one couple it has simply become part of their agreement. In reality, the couple can have pizza. They just can’t have more than one pizza per month.

Their pre-wedding contract with one another also included a clause about not skipping the gym. They have to go every day. That’s not the end of the unusual conditions in their prenuptial agreement, either.

Some highlights of the contract Indian couple Shanti and Mintu have signed include:

  • Shopping every 15 days
  • Partying late, but only with one another
  • Taking at least one good picture at every party
  • Wearing a saree every day
  • Having tum banaogay for every Sunday morning breakfast
  • Always saying yes to ghar ka khana, a traditional Indian dish

The claim is that both husband and wife agreed to the contract, although it was the wife who came up with the idea. It’s worth noting that India doesn’t recognize a prenup as a legal document, because the law doesn’t see marriage as a contractual arrangement. However, some families still create these agreements to provide clarity on what a wife would likely get if there were to be a divorce.

Some Prenup Details Are Very Unique

The prenup Shanti and Mintu created isn’t the only unusual agreement that couples have come up with before their weddings. One US couple signed an agreement that the husband wasn’t allowed to weight more than 180 pounds. If he gained weight above that amount, he owed his wife $5,897 per pound per year, until he got back down to his target weight.

A similar agreement stated that the man’s wife had 10 months to lose all her baby weight, after giving birth on their agreed-upon schedule. How they planned to “schedule” their births isn’t clear, and details of what would happen if she didn’t lose all the baby weight within 10 months weren’t provided.

Of course, there are always prenup clauses that address the type and frequency of sex. For one couple, it was an agreement for at least three times a week, without exception.

Is Eating Pizza or Losing Weight Realistic Prenup Material?

Whether it’s “okay” to put such interesting provisions into a prenup is really up to the couple. It’s also important that the couple understands that prenups are legal documents in countries where they’re recognized. That makes them enforceable.

In the case of Shanti and Mintu, their prenup isn’t recognized by their country, so they can’t really use it as a basis for compensation or a reason for divorce. It’s more of an agreement on what matters to them for finances, health, and lifestyle.

But for people in the US and other countries where prenups are common, being careful what goes into them matters. What you agree to in a prenup could become a serious point of contention, and could cost you a lot of frustration and money in the long run.

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