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Real Estate and Prenups

Real Estate and Prenups

One of the reasons many couples find a prenuptial agreement helpful is when real estate is involved. This is particularly true in Florida, where marital asset laws may complicate the issue. Here are a few examples of how real estate can complicate a potential divorce and why and how a prenup or even a postnup can help clarify the issue.

When One Party Purchases Real Estate Prior to Marriage

A prenup can help assure that any significant equity built up by one party or the other remains that of the person who initially purchased the property. This has become increasingly important as young people are waiting longer to marry and may buy real estate while still single. A prenup can also make provisions for equity built up in the property DURING the marriage. Without a carefully crafted prenup, any value could potentially be considered a marital asset.

Property Garnered Under a Previous Marriage/Divorce

Where one partner or the other may have been previously married and secured real estate assets in a divorce, a prenup can help assure that property value remains under their control should the second marriage fail. This can help prevent an ironic situation where a second partner ends up with assets once owned by a first marriage partner. Without a prenup, it could potentially occur.

Inherited Real Estate

When handled properly and with a thoughtfully written prenup or postnup agreement, inherited property doesn’t have to become a marital asset and be split accordingly. This is also true of other valuable inheritances like collectibles, cash, or trusts. Your prenuptial specialist can help elaborate on details on how inheritances should be properly protected.

Real Estate as an Investment

If a couple purchases investment properties during their marriage, these will generally be treated as marital assets. This is becoming more common in Florida as well, as the value of rentals escalates and couples invest in Airbnb type properties near tourist areas.

Business Real Estate

If a business is involved in a marriage, and that business owns real assets, that can add a whole new layer of complexity to a divorce. This too, however, can frequently and fairly be addressed by a pre or postnup agreement drafted by an experienced attorney.

Keep in mind, the above are just a few examples, and solutions for your specific situation may be different. This is why our no-cost, no-obligation initial consultation can be so valuable.

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high asset divorce Tampa

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