Retirement Benefits May Be a Powerful Tool for Child Support Enforcement

An alternative method for collecting unpaid child support.

Unfortunately, efforts in family law to garnish wages, or resolve disputes in another futile mediation, even after hours of endless court hearings, are not always successful when collecting unpaid child support. Consequently, I have witnessed discouraged clients, left to deal with the frustration of uncollected child support.  Of course, this is never a desirable outcome for my clients, nor any party to a family law dispute.

As a result, I often witness many raised eyebrows when I tell my clients that garnishments, hearings, and mediations are not the only methods to utilize when tackling a collection issue. Today, many jurisdictions in Florida allow the use of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders, known as “QDROs” to retrieve past due child child support from the payor-parent’s retirement accounts, including a party’s 401(k) plan, savings plans, profit sharing plans, and the likes.

Thus, if are experiencing child support difficulties, a retirement benefits may be an ideal source of income to pay off past due child support, or may even be used a powerful tool of enforcement.

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