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Staying Connected to Your Kids Via Zoom

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced people around the globe to learn how to stay connected while staying apart. Social distancing is challenging in and of itself, but it can be particularly hard for divorced parents. Extenuating circumstances during the pandemic can require divorced parents to stay physically separated from their children for significant lengths of time.

During these trying times, divorced parents have found that Zoom is a useful tool that they can use to stay in touch with their children and maintain a positive connection.

These tips from a Tampa divorce attorney can help you make the most out of those Zoom meetings with your kids:

Set a Scheduled Time for a Daily Meeting

In the midst of great upheaval, consistency can help your child feel more secure. If you can only connect with your child via Zoom during this time, it’s important that you set a scheduled time for a daily meeting. This will give both you and your child something to look forward to each day, and will make sure that you always have a moment to connect with one another.

Keep the Video CallsĀ Fun and Interesting

It’s always fun to reconnect and chat about the day on a video call, but your child may quickly begin to suffer from Zoom fatigue if you are video conferencing every day. Rather than spending every call talking about their day, you can get creative. Zoom trivia is a fun activity that you and your child can enjoy. You also might want to consider having a dance party or a virtual yoga session together. This is an easy way to make memories, have fun and stay connected.

Place the Call From Your Child’s Favorite Part of Your Home

Your child may be missing your home, so you can stage your Zoom call in their favorite area of the house to help them feel as if they are visiting you in person. Whether they love their own bedroom at your place or they feel at peace in the backyard, you can set up your call in a place that makes them feel closer to you.

Zoom has become a very useful tool for divorced parents who want to stay involved in their kids’ lives, despite the restrictions that are in place as a result of the pandemic. Your Tampa divorce attorney can help you address any challenges that arise during this time. For more information on navigating divorce during the pandemic, contact the leading Tampa divorce attorney today.

For more information on co-parenting during a pandemic, contact a Tampa divorce lawyer today.

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Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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