Tampa Divorce Attorney for Men

Tampa Divorce Attorney for MenMen don’t always approach the divorce process in the same ways that women do – if you have divorce-related concerns that are being influenced by your gender, don’t hesitate to connect with our firm’s Tampa divorce attorney for men today. What does it mean to be a “Tampa divorce attorney for men”? The long and short of it is that if you have a divorce-related concern, we’ll make it our concern. If your gender is influencing the ways in which you’re approaching property division matters, child custody concerns, the process of drafting a parenting plan, or child support, we can help you to clarify your options and to make informed decisions about those options.

Divorce Considerations for Men

Nowadays, there aren’t a lot of obvious ways that a person’s age, sexual orientation, gender, religion, and other protected characteristics tend to influence family law. American law has evolved over time to discourage taking a person’s protected identifying characteristics into consideration (at least, in blatant ways) when settling family legal disputes. However, there are many subtle ways in which gender and other personal characteristics can affect the divorce, child custody, parenting plan, and child support processes. If you have concerns about any of these subtle influences, we can help you navigate them and to make informed decisions about your options accordingly.

For example, say that you’re trying to keep the “best interests of the child” standard in mind when crafting a parenting plan for your minor children. How does your gender consciously and subconsciously influence the ways in which you think your children should be taken care of? Does your gender influence your perception of what your children need based on whether they are boys or girls? Should your gender and their gender(s) affect your parenting plan construction in any meaningful way? These are tough questions. However, no topic – no matter how challenging – is “taboo” at our firm. If you have a concern, we want to know about it so that we can help you navigate it to the best of our professional ability.

Legal Assistance Is Available

If you have questions or concerns about how your age, gender, sexual orientation, or other identifying traits may impact your divorce process, consider scheduling a consultation with the experienced divorce lawyer Tampa, FL recommends from  The McKinney Law Group today. Nowadays, a person’s gender doesn’t often influence the outcome of a divorce, property division, child custody, or child support matter in any meaningful way. However, that doesn’t mean that gender never plays a role in divorce cases. Our experienced legal team understands that no two cases are exactly alike. As a result, every case needs to be treated with unique respect, dedication, and attention to detail. No matter what your circumstances and concerns are, we will approach your case accordingly. To schedule a consultation with a Tampa divorce attorney for men at our firm, contact us today; we look forward to speaking with you.