The Critical Components of the CFL Process

Collaborative Family Law in Tampa, FL

When it comes to collaborative family law in Tampa, FL it is extremely important to understand the critical components of the CFL process. You and your lawyer will prayer for meetings and structure the negotiation along the same path as your spouse and their lawyer. Your lawyer is going to meet with you and discuss your concerns and your agendas before the four-way meetings, so that you and your lawyer are on the same page.

Your lawyer is going to ask you to focus on your interests, concerns, goals and your objectives. This is extremely important because oftentimes you will be engaging in interest-based or often called win-win negotiation. In essence, your interests are going to be the things that are important to you regarding the termination of your marriage, when you think about your interest you should ask yourself how you will be able to measure whether you have a satisfactory agreement when your case is completed.

When you are looking at the bigger picture. The bigger picture is your life, because it divorce is going to change your life in any good collaborative family law divorce lawyers are going to tell you about. So if you are in your interest might be security for the children involved in this divorce, or if you are extremely focused on the type of lifestyle that you live, then your interest is going to be ensuring that your lifestyle does not have to change.

Your lawyer is going to ensure that you understand that this interest is different from a position. Whereas an interest is, I need to make sure my children are taking care of, a position would be ‘I have to have the house for the children’. Of course retaining the house would be an option meeting interest, and the collaborative process knows this is important.

So to put it simply, your lawyer is going to differentiate between a position and an interest. An interest is something you would like, position is something you must have. Once your lawyer has the opportunity to better understand what is important to you, your lawyers can communicate this with the lawyer that your spouse has hired. This is going to give lawyers an opportunity to learn about your case from this spouse’s perspective and to discuss how information can be efficiently gathered. The lawyers are going to assist you in creating an agenda for the first four-way meeting, oftentimes these meetings are about two hours the session and the majority of the collaborative work is accomplished here.

For many people going through the termination of their marriage the idea of meeting with their spouse and their spouses lawyers is going to give them anxiety. A good collaborative family law lawyer in Tampa, FL is going to be aware of the anxiety that these meetings may produce. If you are extremely anxious about these meetings you should talk to your lawyer, a good collaborative family law lawyer such as the ones available at The Mckinney Law Group are going to be able to assuage your  concerns.