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Time to End It? Why Summer is a Good Time to Get Divorced

Many would likely say that there’s no good time to get divorced, but people who are facing the need to dissolve a marriage may find that the summer months are preferable to other seasons throughout the year. After considering these reasons for a summertime divorce, you’ll likely be compelled to contact your Tampa divorce lawyer sooner rather than later.

Top Three Reasons to File for Divorce in the Summer


Many people have more free time in the summer, which allows them to focus better on the fine print of the divorce settlement. The process of getting a divorce is rarely simple, and it sometimes feels like there is endless paperwork involved. During the summer, you may find that you have a lightened work load or vacation time scheduled off from work. These breaks from daily obligations can provide you with the time you need to sort through the divorce paperwork and come to an agreement that is beneficial for you.


Couples who have children will be able to help them ease through the transition during their summer break, rather than in the middle of their school year. Divorce can be a very stressful experience for children, regardless of their age. Pursuing a divorce during the school year can disrupt their studies or impact their social lives, especially if they have to move to a new home or school as a result. During the summer, they can come to terms with the reality of the divorce and focusing on their personal growth and development. By the time fall arrives, they will have a solid foundation at home and a better understanding of their family situation. They will be more ready to begin their next year at school.


The summer season provides plenty of opportunities for self-discovery and reinvention. Many people who are going through a divorce find that they have lost touch with themselves and who they are. By pursuing a divorce in the summer, you can take the time you need to discover who you are now and who you want to become after your divorce. It’s the perfect time of year to get outside, relax, enjoy an adventure or find a new passion.

If you are feeling frustrated, helpless or diminished within your marriage, then do not wait any longer to begin the process of filing for divorce in Florida. Take advantage of the opportunity to transform yourself this summer, and move forward by contacting an experienced Tampa divorce lawyer today.

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

Tampa Divorce Lawyer

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