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Using Social Media During A Family Legal Dispute

The primary reason why it is so important to be careful while using social media at this time is that your social media use could impact the outcome of your case in numerous ways. Both your private and public social media use may be used as evidence by other parties involved in your case. For example, if you are involved in a contentious child support modification matter and you post a picture of you with a new purchase, your child’s other parent could submit that post as evidence that you have access to plenty of resources that you should be making available for child support. When in doubt, consult an experienced Tampa, Florida divorce law firm before you post or don’t post at all. If the temptation to post is significant, consider temporarily disabling your accounts until your legal matter is resolved. Americans are increasingly connected by electronic means. Rather than writing each other letters, we primarily choose to send emails. Instead of physical newsletters, alumni groups and other organizations reach out to members online. Even parents text their children from one end of the house to the other rather than shouting.

In recent years, social media has begun to serve as a platform not only for connecting with loved ones who are far away but also for marketing, social and political causes, religious messaging and general information dissemination in addition to facilitating social connections. People access social media for all kinds of reasons, so many individuals have become quite casual about how they interact on these sites. If you are involved in a family legal dispute such as a divorce, child custody and/or child support case, it is important to be extremely careful about how you engage with social media until your case has been resolved. Your social media activity could potentially impact your case for better or for worse. If you ever have any questions about your social media use during this time, please consult an experienced Tampa, FL divorce lawyer at The McKinney Law Group before posting, responding to messages or even “liking” another’s content. In today’s interconnected world, it is far better to remain “safe” by seeking legal guidance from an experienced Tampa, Florida divorce law firm than to be “sorry” after engaging in social media in ways that harm your case. Family Law Assistance Is Available

If you have questions about a child custody or child support matter, please do not hesitate to schedule a consultation with our experienced Tampa, Florida divorce law firm. Far too often, parents only contact an attorney when they find themselves in legal “hot water.” By contrast, many parents who consult a lawyer before their situation has begun to spiral benefit from experienced legal guidance and support. These resources can help to prevent tensions from escalating and can help to clarify any practical and/or legal options that may help to make any particular family’s circumstances more manageable.

Finally, when parents think to ask an attorney questions before they act, they may impact their legal situations for the better. For example, asking an attorney about how you should use social media before posting an incriminating picture is a good idea. When in doubt, please consider reaching out to our team with questions about your divorce, child custody or support situation. Your future self may thank you for making the effort.

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