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What is Child Support Fraud?

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Child support is one of the most important elements of any divorce. Many spouses try to negotiate the terms of child support amongst themselves over mediation, but if that proves not to be successful, then they will have to dispute in court. A judge will perform calculations to decide whether one or both parents will have to fulfill child support payments. 

Child support fraud happens when one parent provides information that is incorrect about their income to the judge. Because the court uses financial details to determine how much one parent pays versus the other, fraud accusations are taken seriously. 

For instance, if a parent is lying about the child’s needs in order to get more money, this is considered fraud. Similarly, if a non-custodial parent attempts to hide income to avoid paying more in child support, this is also viewed as fraud.

If you are suspicious that child support fraud is happening to you, speak with a family law lawyer right away. Your lawyer can help you investigate further to see if there is sufficient evidence of fraud to move forward. If there is, your lawyer can guide you as you file a motion with the same court that the child support order was originally established. 

As a family lawyer in Tampa, FL from The McKinney Law Group already knows, evidence is going to be a major factor in the success of your child support fraud case. The judge will evaluate evidence before making an ultimate determination. If you choose to go to court, you should have a dependable lawyer to prepare you and stand by you during the hearing. 

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