Family law Tampa

What Is Family Law?

Family law often refers to laws and legal procedures that involve marriage, divorce, custody disputes, child support, and visitation. This is an area of law that is concerned with domestic relations between people who share a familial relationship. Usually in these legal issues like divorce, child custody, and guardianship involving a family lawyer can be helpful for a variety of reasons. Family lawyers can be useful in mediating when family disagreements develop. They are also knowledgeable in family laws in case conflicts end up in court. 

It can be difficult going through a divorce and it’s going to have a significant impact on your family. Tensions and emotions can arise and cloud judgment and a family lawyer can be useful in being a mediator and approaching issues rationally and within the law. It’s already a difficult time and adding more stress to the situation is going to be the situation even more heated. Some of those issues that can arise is handling child custody agreements.

When couples separate and children are involved it can add a layer to a divorce that becomes unpleasant. Couples need to agree on how the children will be taken care of after the separation and how will custody be divided and shared. Couples will need to agree on how they will take care of their children that they had together but now as separated parents. A family lawyer will be able to assist parents with parting ways and creating an agreement for child custody. A lawyer can also help parents in amending child custody agreements if that situation arises. 

Family law can also involve prenuptial agreements. A prenuptial agreement is a contract that is signed by a couple before a marriage or civil union. The content within the prenuptial agreement can vary from couple to couple. Most often, the goal for a prenuptial is to list out the provisions of the type of spousal support and division of property that will happen if the couple breaks up or divorces. A family lawyer will be able to work with you to draft up a prenuptial agreement and handle any matters that arise from the contract. 

Family law isn’t always easy to deal with and can be especially difficult when trying to navigate your legal issue alone. That’s why reaching out to a professional for a consultation to explain your situation can become beneficial to you.


There are a lot more things to be concerned about when discussing a family law issue so speaking with a Family Law Group in Tampa, Florida from a law firm like The McKinney Law Group.

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