Top Three Things to Avoid When Going Through a Divorce: Part 1

Avoiding these actions will
make your divorce easier.

It is no secret that a divorce is emotional, overwhelming, and certainly not pretty. More often than not, a parties’ anger with one another only fans the flames of a divorce proceeding, making for an even more difficult and more public divorce than one would want.

With that in mind, here is a list of the top three things you should not do if you want to have a satisfying outcome in your divorce case:

1. Do NOT amp up your social media accounts.

Nothing is private! Nothing! Do you remember your classmate from college 7 years ago who is now coincidentally friends with your spouse? Of course not, but that will not stop your former classmate from sending your ex your recent pictures of your wild weekend getaway in Cabo after you told your ex you had the flu and needed someone to watch the kids for the weekend.

2. Do NOT send nasty text messages, e-mail, or voice mails.

If you receive a less than polite text from your spouse, chances are, you will want to use this in open court. Guess what? The same goes for you. Be cautious of the communications you are engaging in.

3. Do NOT Show Anger in front of your judge or during the dissolution process.

Practice your poker face. Shaking your head, or shouting at the other party will get you no where. This will only serve as your spouse’s evidence to show how ‘irrational’ or ‘unstable’ you may be.

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