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Tampa Custody Attorney

When to Modify Your Child Custody

Though changes to a child custody agreement may never be necessary, in some instances, it is and these occasions are often unexpected and require the assistance of a Tampa, FL custody lawyer. However, a court will not take modification requests lightly which is why you may benefit from the legal services of an experienced custody lawyer from The McKinney Law Group in Tampa, FL. We focus on issues of family law and have helped many clients successfully negotiate the complex and frustrating legal system. When a child custody agreement requires modification, because it is a legally binding document, it’s important that changes are agreed upon or dictated by the Court and the legal document is updated as such. Our custody lawyer serving Tampa, FL can help you with this process and ensure that you are not held in contempt of court. Though the other parent may be in agreement at this time about the modification, a verbal agreement is not a sound approach.

When One or Both Parents Relocates Their Florida Physical Address

A common reason for a child custody modification is when one or both parents relocate a significant distance away to a new physical residential address. This also holds true in advance of a pending move, which is more common unless the move is sudden and unexpected such as the emergency transfer of an active military service member. In most cases, the parent who expects to move some distance away will hire a custody lawyer in Tampa, FL to petition the Court for a modification of the child custody agreement. In considering that parent’s motion for a change, the judge may take into account the following:

  •         The reason for why that parent is relocating their residence.
  •         Will that move make it impossible or impractical for the other parent to visit the child if the parent who is moving has primary custody?
  •         Have the parents been able to work out an agreeable change in the child custody agreement?
  •         Will the child be adversely affected by the child custody modification? For example, if the judge approves the primary custodial parent’s move to another location, will the child’s life be negatively affected with the loss of their friends, medical care, etc.?

When the Other Parent Does Not Adhere to the Child Custody Agreement

If your child’s other parent is consistently not honoring the child custody agreement, the Court might consider modifying it. Your custody lawyer for Tampa, FL can review your circumstances beforehand to determine if the Court is likely to approve of the changes. For example, the other parent’s job schedule may have permanently changed and as such they are not available on the days and nights that they are scheduled to have custody.  

The McKinney Law Group: Helping Florida Parents with Family Law Issues

If you have need for modifying an existing child custody agreement, it’s important to work with a legal professional to insure that you do not violate a Court-order and find yourself held in contempt. A contempt of court charge can result in jail time as well as expensive fines. Call us at The McKinney Law Group to schedule a free case review with our Tampa, FL custody lawyer.